Hani kiz shares the video of plain face. I watch the face all the way: how many girls envy this eyebrow

Hello everyone, Xuejie is online. In this article, we will share the maintenance secrets of stars, good things sharing and fashion. I hope these tips can inspire you. Then let’s start our fashion journey! < / P > < p > do you remember the girl Hani Kezi who became famous for her dance at the variety show in 2018? It’s hard for anyone who has seen that dance to forget. It’s a good dance to remember. < / P > < p > deep eyes and high nose, in line with people’s perfect imagination of the western region girl, she looks really beautiful. And her name is because her parents have countless wonderful expectations for her, so they named her hanikezi. And this beautiful woman, with such a face, just look at how she usually takes off her make-up and skin care. < / P > < p > we all know that facial cleanser must be used after makeup removal, even because facial cleanser not only has the effect of secondary cleaning, it can clean the makeup that cannot be removed, but also can open pores and better absorb skin care products, so facial cleanser is also very important. < / P > < p > when using the facial cleanser, first wet the face, then squeeze the facial cleanser out a little on the hand, and then rub it on the hand until there are many bubbles, then you can put it on the face, but don’t rub the skin too hard in the process of face washing, which may cause damage to the skin. You just need to gently circle and massage the skin, massage for four or five minutes, and then it’s OK It can be washed off with clean water. Love cleansing cream

Hani kirziz chose Polo’s black BA cleansing milk. This series has been very popular. The skin of the face is comfortable. Adding water to rub gently can rub out a very rich foam. Many people like this kind of cleansing cream, oil skin or healthy skin. If the disadvantages of Ba facial cleanser, I think it is not suitable for sensitive skin or the price is a little expensive, but this kind of thing is very subjective, you can focus more on mild cleansing. < / P > < p > after washing the face, gently dry the water on the face, because the pores of the skin are open after using the facial cleanser. The best way is to protect the skin within 30 minutes after washing the face. Otherwise, the pores have begun to close after a long time, and the skin care products will not be absorbed by the face skin. < / P > < p > however, when using make-up water, many people don’t pay attention to it. They use a bottle of make-up water during the day or at night. In fact, make-up water can be used during the day and at night. The effect of using make-up water during the day and at night is also different. Because after a night’s sleep, in fact, the skin has been in a very dry state, and the daytime make-up water is mainly used to replenish water and moisturize. At night, because you still need a series of skin care, and just wash your face, you need some make-up water with more nutrients.

Hani kiz chose the essence of La Mer, which is quite old. What’s more, it’s not expensive. The extract is deep-sea algae, which can effectively repair the soothing and strong moisturizing effect, even for acne and sensitive muscles. < / P > < p > when using, you can directly pour a little on your hand, and then gently pat it on your face. You can also wet the cotton pad, and then wet it on your face. This can play a calming and soothing effect, and can better solve the local discomfort of the skin.

essence is also an essential part of skin care. It is different from make-up water, because essence is a small molecule of water, which can enter the skin well, while others can only moisturize the skin. The essence of

Hani’s choice is Estee Lauder’s small brown bottle, and it is also a common formula of many people. It contains sodium hyaluronate, caffeine, two fold yeast fermentation products and other ingredients. It can effectively resist aging, moisturize, repair skin barrier, and improve skin pores and blood color. It can be said that it is the first choice in elite products. < / P > < p > as long as you drop 3-4 drops on your hands, and then slowly massage and absorb them from outside to inside, from top to bottom, and hold your face with your palm for better absorption. And when choosing cream, it is also used in daytime and evening, but this essence can be used at the same time.

many people think that the skin is saturated before smearing and skin care, and may feel a little oily. The cream is a special oil product, so you can no longer use the cream. In fact, this is a very wrong idea. The function of

cream is not only the effect of moisturizing, because many skin care products are used in front. If you don’t use facial cream, you may lose water at night and clean your skin. The function of the cream can effectively lock the skin care function under the skin. The function of the cream is that no one can run like a closed door, so that the skin will play a moisturizing effect. < / P > < p > Hani uses the black key of Armani, which is also an old net red. It contains the ingredients of South Africa Phoenix grass, which can effectively repair the skin, accelerate the growth of new cells, antioxidant and brighten the skin, and anti-aging. However, cream is the most important moisturizing factor, and the effect of anti-aging is relatively slow. When you use it, you can mix a little essence water with the temperature of your hands to emulsify. When it is higher than the temperature of your hand, you can press it on your face. < / P > < p > eye cream is the savior for the stay up party, because often staying up late may appear, bags under the eyes, dark circles under the eyes, fine lines, dry lines and other problems, and eye cream can perfectly solve these problems. < / P > < p > Hani’s choice of eye cream is Lancome’s pure eye cream, focusing on anti-aging. When using eye cream, don’t use it as usual. First apply a little bit around the eyes, and then slowly scrape it up with your hand. It can be fast, but you should pay attention not to hit the eyes, and then repeat it for more than ten times.

however, some people think that they can use eye cream instead of eye cream. Eye cream and cream are not the same. Cream can moisturize, whiten and lock moisture, but eye cream is used to remove eye bags and dark circles. Cream does not have these functions, and eye cream is also used for day and night. Do not mix up. < / P > < p > lip care is a step that can not be ignored, because now it’s autumn and winter season, and lips begin to crack, peel and other phenomena. Looking at the past, I feel that this person has no spirit and is not delicate. And when applying lipstick is not good, so lip care is very necessary.

because many people have gone to the problem of dead skin, especially at this time, the simple application of lipstick and lip film does not work, so it still needs to use lip scrub, which can kill the dead skin very well.

this is fresh’s lip scrub, as long as it is coated with a layer of mouth before going to bed, then slightly rubbed, and then apply hot towels for a while, then rinse clean, finally coated with a layer of lipstick, second days in the morning will find dead skin is gone, and long-term use will find very little in the skin, will also weaken the lip lines. But this one will have a little oil on the mouth. < / P > < p > well, today Hani Kezi’s skin care sharing is over. The schoolgirl thinks Hani’s skin care pays great attention to “anti-aging”, and many products can be used for reference by young anti-aging partners, don’t you think? Let’s tell the students in the comments section. Focus