Hard core counter attack! He jumped rope in order to lose weight and accidentally took the world runner up

The rope skipping movement not only reduced his weight by 50 kg in half a year, but also successfully jumped into the national team to sprint to the international rope skipping arena on behalf of China. In the days accompanied by “rope”, LV Yanfei jumped out of his dynamic life. < p > < p > LV Yanfei: when I was young, I would just lie down and play games, have a rest or go to eat or drink. I had thought about whether there was any physical problem. Because I am too fat, I am very tired when I go upstairs or work every day. I will pant. I also feel very insecure. I don’t like taking pictures or looking in the mirror. < p > < p > at that time, LV Yanfei, who was eager to seek change, tried many sports, but the effect was not ideal. Until one day, walking in the park, he saw someone performing fancy rope skipping. The dazzling movements made LV Yanfei yearn for it. < p > < p > LV Yanfei: at the beginning, I couldn’t even jump out of 10 or 20. I was a little unwilling. Why can people do such a simple exercise well, but I can’t do it well? I don’t think if I lose weight, I won’t lose to them. < p > < p > LV Yanfei: in the first month of rope skipping, the legs, feet and knees all ache. One is caused by the weight problem, the other is the rope skipping action is not standard enough, it will cause damage to the body. < p > < p > while groping for progress, LV Yanfei insisted. 15 months later, he found himself thin. After six months of continuous training, LV Yanfei successfully lost 50 Jin. < p > < p > LV Yanfei, who has successfully slimmed down, has also made great progress in rope skipping skills. At the beginning, it was very difficult to do the movements, and now it can be easily completed. It can be called the most skilful rope skipping person in the square. However, LV Yanfei did not stop there. < p > < p > LV Yanfei: at that time, I searched some fancy rope skipping videos, which subverted my imagination. It turned out that there was still a higher stage for rope skipping to be improved. < p > < p > in March 2018, LV Yanfei began to challenge the highest level of rope skipping by learning from Hou Weidong, the world champion of rope skipping. Half a year later, LV Yanfei signed up for the national rope skipping League and won the first place in one fell swoop. < p > < p > < p > LV Yanfei: at that time, I was very nervous in the whole process of the first match. I just thought about how much effort I had to exert. At that time, I didn’t expect that I could be so happy when I was only 30 seconds old. < p > < p > in July 2019, wJR rope skipping World Cup was held in Norway, which was LV Yanfei’s first world-class competition. In the competition, Lu Yanfei won the second place in the 3 × 40 second alternating rope relay and the third place in the 3-minute single swing jump group over 30 years old on behalf of the Chinese rope skipping team. < p > < p > LV Yanfei: I always insist on this sport until I go to the international stage to compete and finally get the results. That kind of state is like dreaming. At that time, I felt that as long as people try to struggle, they will not be in vain. < p > < p > now, LV Yanfei is engaged in the promotion and teaching of fancy rope skipping. The student’s physical and mental state has been changed by practicing rope skipping, which is the happiest thing for him. < p > < p > LV Yanfei: many students are naughty at the beginning, and their concentration is not good, but through rope skipping training, their concentration is enhanced, and some parents say that their children’s posture and body shape have become very good. I felt very happy at that time, because it was the change that rope skipping brought to them. < p > < p > LV Yanfei is already 40 years old, which is “old age” for professional rope skippers. However, with love and unremitting training, he still maintained a high standard. At present, he is preparing for the world rope skipping Championships in Canada next year, hoping to reach the highest podium and win glory for his country. < p > < p > LV Yanfei: rope skipping and I are a kind of predestination. Like my “rope life”, it is a turning point in my life. It gives me hope and makes me feel that the next years of my life will be wonderful and young. Focus