Has fitness improved for a long time? This factor may have been ignored, and it is enough to do these three points well

How to “track your fitness progress”? Do you encounter such distress that you don’t know if you have made progress after practicing for a period of time! Maybe there is no change in weight, and it seems that the change is not very obvious when you look at yourself in the mirror. < / P > < p > learn with you: “fitness has not improved for a long time? Maybe we have neglected this factor, and it is enough to do these three points well? ” How to track your fitness progress? Fat body-building more effective, remember to pay attention to: accompany you to learn, fitness knowledge! < / P > < p > what is the best way? One of the ways to track the progress is to take photos. In many places, there are records of changes before and after training. Photos can be used for reference. < / P > < p > Xiaobian thinks that the most suitable way to evaluate our sports progress is based on our own feelings. Choose the evaluation method related to our goal and the reason for starting the fitness journey. < / P > < p > tracking fitness progress can help us maintain motivation, understand the phased results, and help us see that we are making progress and the results are concrete. Even if the progress is slow, it is still making progress! If you can see that your performance has improved and you feel better, you will feel that it is worthwhile to pay. Such a positive cycle can help us objectively evaluate our state and stick to it! < / P > < p > take photos from the front, back and side. For more accurate comparison, it is recommended to take photos at the same time and in the same light condition. Because your weight may fluctuate by a few kilograms a day, depending on your food and water intake, your exercise and sleep. In addition, even small changes in light can make our bodies look very different! < / P > < p > take a picture before training, and compare it with the picture of the previous period, which can fully show the changes of the body and enhance confidence! < / P > < p > however, it is meaningless to take photos in a short time, because it takes several weeks and months to change the body composition. Taking photos in a short time is not a very objective way of recording, and we may lose motivation because there is no change in the body. So the appropriate time and interval for taking photos are also very important. < / P > < p > writing a training log can help you review your own process. Records will also let us reflect on whether we need to improve in the process of training, and what we have done well, so that we feel better! < / P > < p > we can record our physical feeling, overall mood and sleep quality of the day. We can also record whether the places we used to feel very challenging are becoming easier! < / P > < p > sometimes, you may feel listless or eat too much, while on other days, you may feel energetic and perform very well. You can record these States and observe yourself systematically. < / P > < p > if one day you feel uncomfortable, perform poorly, and are lazy and don’t want to exercise, don’t lose heart. Sports can release endorphin, and then improve our mood, increase happiness, after exercise to feel better. < / P > < p > motivate yourself by writing training logs. Even if you don’t have motivation, you can adjust your exercise intensity slightly to complete it. We will be more and more proud of ourselves! < / P > < p > muscle is heavier than fat, and its volume is also different, so measuring the body can even show the smallest change in body composition. Even if our weight doesn’t change, you may notice changes in the waist, hips or other body parts. Measurement is not only beneficial to tracking the target, but also helps to find out the imbalance. For example, there is a certain difference between the left arm and the right arm. At this time, we can find out whether there are defects in our training movements. < / P > < p > basically, these three points allow us to track and record well. Of course, there are also some methods, such as going to the hospital for health check-up, recording your water supplement status, making a diet plan in advance, and going to the gym for physical examination at a fixed time, which are all very good methods. < / P > < p > Why do we keep track of our training progress? We may not practice very well, but we also want to improve. The goal is to be better than in the past. Once there are no reference conditions and no past records, we don’t know whether we have made any progress? < / P > < p > maybe you used to be fat or thin like me, but after a period of exercise, you find that you are different from before, which is the greatness of the record. Others may not care how much we have changed, but we can help ourselves to record it. Only we can really help ourselves. < / P > < p > I share these contents, not to express how well I practice, but to record some problems I encounter, and then find some ways to share them with you through my own learning, so as to make progress with you! < / P > < p > I hope today’s content is helpful to you. If you think there is a chance next time, you can share more content with you and pay attention to me. Pigtail is the most delicious way to do, super simple, women often eat, beauty and beauty, delay aging