HD lens = star makeup remover? It doesn’t exist!

In a low voice, although there are voices saying that CCTV also has a filter, it doesn’t matter. The appearance of the female stars in the high-definition lens is really inspiring < / P > < p > when it comes to maintaining beauty, the foundation of make-up and maintenance is definitely “removing the makeup”. Although there are more and more skin color makeup, but to reduce the burden on the skin and keep a lasting “clean” and “moist”, the daily makeup removal must be diligent. Even if you want to be lazy or drink a lot of hair, please ask the other half or a small partner to help you unload the makeup!

as the brand’s trump card, good reputation, rich in four essential oils and clean, exfoliating and sedative effect. Unique collocation with mace can improve blood circulation, skin refreshing and exfoliation. There’s no need for extra eye and lip cleanser, cleanser, exfoliator or even toner. This cleanser has all the functions. Seriously, it’s very healing to smell the strong smell of essential oil. < / P > < p > after opening the rose powder can, the fragrance of rose is floating. Compared with other makeup removers, the yellowish texture has stronger fluidity. After being put on the face, with the temperature and massage, the cream turns into oil, but it is not greasy at all. After being emulsified with water, the cleaning power is excellent. After washing the face, the skin is warm and waxy, with full score. < / P > < p > for senior makeup players, the separation of eyes and lips is efficient and safe, especially for the skin with sensitive eyes. This bottle of Lancome belongs to the classic water and oil separation formula. Shake it before use. The texture of pale blue is similar to the pH value of tears. It is extremely mild and does not stimulate. It is especially suitable for wearing contact lenses. < / P > < p > the light and efficient formula can thoroughly remove makeup without damaging the skin’s natural water layering. It is rich in soybean protein, amino acids and soothing plants, and has moisturizing, calming and refreshing effects. The formula of cucumber essence and precious rose water can refresh skin and provide cool feeling at the same time. < / P > < p > this is probably one of the lightest oils I’ve ever used. It’s a high-quality herbal formula that thoroughly purifies and cleans skin, effectively removes makeup and pore residues, and completely purifies from the inside out. Unique soft and smooth texture, even delicate eye and lip skin is also applicable. White birch essence helps skin circulation and restores skin’s healthy luster. < / P > < p > for waterproof and heavy make-up, cleansing oil must be one of the best choices. This makeup remover contains natural primary coconut oil and has excellent cleaning ability. Artemisia argyi extract is a natural active antibacterial component, which can penetrate into the pores to dissolve grease and blackheads, and take away tiny dust. Without mineral oil, it will not block pores and stimulate skin. < / P > < p > the texture of green ice cream is blended with lemon and orange essential oil. After being put on the face, it melts the oil quickly and becomes transparent. It completely dissolves the make-up and emulsifies with water for one second. It is super mild and has no irritation. There is no possibility of stuffy acne or sensitivity at all. < / P > < p > contains the purification formula of Himalayan Moringa seed oil, which can completely remove makeup and urban pollution. Transparent oily texture, but has a refreshing feeling like water. One second emulsification technology makes you feel fresh and greasy after use. < / P > < p > shake well before use, take appropriate amount on the cotton pad, gently press the cotton piece on the eye and lip makeup area, and the rich eye and lip color makeup can be completely dissolved in about 30 seconds. It contains lotus extract to form a moisturizing film, moisturize the skin and reduce the skin burden. 08/16/2020