He Chaoying gained 6 pounds and gained 80 pounds. Make complaints about her recovery after birth.

During pregnancy, the ideal weight gain should be within 2kg in the first three months, and it is better to gain 0.3-0.5kg per week in the second trimester.

weight management during pregnancy is really important for women. If they get out of shape during pregnancy, they may have to bear rumors from others after delivery, which is a very heart piercing thing.

in order to give birth to a child, a woman has to bear the pain of being out of shape, and she has to bear the sarcasm of her husband or other people after childbirth. Bao’s mother is likely to be depressed.

both stars and daughters of wealthy families may have to face the consequences of losing their figure. However, they have the money and time to recover, and they also have great perseverance.

as the daughter of the king of gamblers, he Chaoying is not a sheep to be slaughtered. She married a Harvard student who was much younger than herself. When she got married, people paid more attention to her figure as well as the luxurious wedding. When she got married, she seemed to have a super weight.

in fact, at this time, he Chaoying was pregnant, and his weight had doubled. He was 80 Jin heavier than he was when he was not pregnant.

during pregnancy, many people said that he Chaoying had changed. Now she is not like her former elder sister fan. Of course, she also knows that she looks bloated and does not fit in with her thin husband.

after successfully giving birth to her daughter, he Chaoying was photographed on the same flight with Xi Mengyao, and some media photographed that their bodies were too different, and those who gave birth to children later than her have recovered.

because of the blow to her self-esteem and the realization that she might not be able to grow up with her daughter in this way, she made up her mind to lose weight.

no one expected that the once bloated girl would lose weight again one day. He Chaoying published a contrast picture of himself before and after slimming on the Internet. It can be seen clearly from the picture that he Chaoying has lost weight.

I originally thought that netizens should be satisfied this time, but some netizens found a bright spot, that is, he Chaoying’s buttock sagging is too serious after losing weight.

in fact, when pregnant women are pregnant, their pelvic bones will change accordingly, and their fat will become thicker. This is an endocrine problem. After losing weight after childbirth, the fat in the buttocks will also be reduced and it will look collapsed.

pregnant mothers don’t have to worry. They can recover by increasing postpartum recovery training after delivery. And now the fitness industry is developing rapidly. There are ways to recover, but pay attention to the intensity.

if a pregnant mother does not control her own diet and avoid eating properly, then some effects may be manifested in the children. Some young pregnant mothers do not avoid eating after pregnancy, which leads to the increase of blood sugar. As a result, the doctor asks her to lower her blood sugar.

how can you control your weight while ensuring your child’s nutrition? The most important thing to pay attention to is the intake of staple food, such as some rice and white flour, to control the intake, mainly to eat miscellaneous grains.

it can be sweet potato, potato, coarse grain rice and so on. Try not to add sugar when eating porridge. The heat of sweet potato is relatively high. It is recommended to eat less than 250g a meal. Meat food is mainly beef and mutton, with high protein content, which can reach about 20%. It can be used to supplement nutrition for children. Try not to be picky about vegetables, less oil and less salt.

generally, you can walk for 30 minutes after eating, in the early and second trimester of pregnancy, when the action is more convenient, and in the late pregnancy, the walking time can be reduced to 15-20 minutes.

during pregnancy, it is better for pregnant mothers not to lose weight by dieting, but to control the rate of weight gain by controlling diet.

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