He Chaoying pregnant fat into the ball, postpartum thin into lightning, fat or thin are for baby, when the mother to understand

How proud and happy they can be. However, when they meet a partner who is willing to give birth to them, they will still risk their lives to < / P > < p > < p > of course, there are a lot of treasure mothers who quickly recover after giving birth to their babies, which is not only for their own health, but also for the growth of their children. < p > < p > compared with Huo Siyan, who appeared in front of the screen as a fairy when she was playing, she was slim and outstanding. When she was pregnant with her son, um hum king, after her marriage with actor Du Jiang, she became fat and became a “ball”. At that time, her weight was equivalent to that of two slim people. In order to absorb nutrition for their children, many Baoma would eat a lot of nutrition Food, and lead to gradually fat, Huo Siyan is no exception, fortunately after birth, hum, in the exercise under the recovery of slim figure. < / P > < p > he Chaoying, who has the status of “king of gambler’s daughter”, has always been concerned by the media. From marriage to pregnancy to baby birth, he Chaoying will be criticized by the public.

He Chaoying make complaints about her being too fat when she was pregnant. She was too bloated with many people, and laughed at her husband’s marriage to her family background and property, even if it was all groundless statement. However, most women will gain weight after pregnancy, and even become so fat that they dislike themselves. It is precisely because of their children’s body that he Chaoying becomes bloated, so I don’t think it is necessary to exaggerate. Maybe this will be the “road” that every woman must follow. < p > < p > after becoming fat, he Chaoying has been paid attention to because of his rapid weight loss. Not long ago, he Chaoying said on the social platform that her motivation to lose weight was to have a more healthy body and accompany her children to walk and jump. She was full of love for her children. < p > < p > < p > and she has been cruel to herself, from the “fat” body after pregnancy to the “spicy mother” figure. Looking back and forth is just another person. The strong maternal love has also infected many netizens and attracted many netizens’ comments from time to time. < p > < p > in fact, in order to maintain a perfect figure, whether Baoma or ordinary women after giving birth to a child, will basically choose appropriate sports. Postpartum mother is able to do some appropriate exercise to keep fit, to slowly adhere to, do not require how difficult exercise, choose some aerobic exercise is the best. For example, most women like yoga, jogging and so on, slowly reduce fat and thin, adhere to will have unexpected effect. If you want to keep your mouth open. Postpartum mothers want to lose weight, a balanced diet is very necessary, if you eat too greasy, high calorie food, it will not only not thin, but more fat. Therefore, three meals a day to pay attention to balanced nutrition, proper control of diet. Drinking more boiled water is conducive to the body detoxification, and can promote body metabolism, has a certain effect on weight loss. < / P > < p > postpartum mothers will be emotional fluctuations because of a lot of things. If they are not in a good mood, they will easily lead to endocrine disorders, which will lead to obesity, which is not conducive to weight loss, but also easy to accelerate the speed of obesity. Therefore, postpartum mothers should learn to self emotional conditioning, self suggestion should not be too anxious, to suppress the mood, can also find her husband to vent their emotions, or to talk to friends, to adjust a good mentality. However, < p >, the mother will be very thin after childbirth, and some of the pressure will be brought down by the mother. So want to thin mother must try to make their life regular as much as possible. If you can’t sleep well at night, you can also sleep during the day. < p > < p > Mother Jing’s Parenting: everyone’s postpartum mother’s hope is to restore her figure, but Jingma still needs to remind Baoma that she should not rush to lose weight during the period of confinement, which is likely to cause physical damage. Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here