He insisted on DINK for 10 years, but his wife was pregnant and became a daughter slave. Zhenxiang was on the scene

In fact, with the rapid development of modern society, people are busy with their work. More and more people are willing to devote their spare time energy to their partners, eager to live a happy life. So some people choose not to have the next generation at all and enjoy the present life. Both Tan Jianghai and his wife, Wang Xiaoqian, are famous hosts. Tan Jianghai was once a staunch DINK. In order to persuade his wife to live a DINK life with himself, he wrote two papers, explaining in detail the significance of DINK’s life. Finally, Wang Xiaoqian agreed to tan Jianghai’s proposal. < / P > < p > after having children, their lives have changed dramatically. The children have brought unprecedented surprise and happiness to their lives, which is just a large-scale “Zhenxiang” scene. < / P > < p > in fact, there is no absolute right or wrong about DINK. Some people like DINK’s life, while others prefer to give birth to the crystallization of love with their loved ones. However, there are positive and negative sides to everything, and so is DINK. < / P > < p > on weekends, you can also drive around and play wherever you want. In addition to dealing with work matters, the rest of the time is at your own disposal, which is relatively more free. < / P > < p > it is very difficult to educate children. We should not only master the general direction, but also pay attention to the way and propriety of preaching. Many parents try their best to educate their children. If it is Dink, they don’t need to worry about these problems. < / P > < p > if you don’t have something you want to learn, you can also read books and watch movies at home. Rich spare time life, can bring some improvement to oneself, may be in skill, also may be in spirit. < / P > < p > if you don’t have children, you may not feel much when you are young. However, in your old age, when you look at other people’s homes full of children and grandchildren, you will feel lonely and lonely if you don’t have children to accompany you. < / P > < p > everyone will usher in an old-age life. The Chinese people always pay attention to “raising children and preventing their old age”. Even if there is a nursing home now, there are not many people willing to live in the nursing home. As a result, the real problem that DINK can’t avoid is the pension problem. When people get old, they need not only material support, but also spiritual companionship. If there are no children, both of them are difficult to be protected. < / P > < p > warm message: you have to decide your own life. It’s your choice whether to be a DINK or not. It’s more important to be prepared for the corresponding consequences. Focus