He was sentenced to death for raping his neighbor’s 4-year-old daughter

On the morning of December 2, 2020, Harbin intermediate people’s court heard the case of Liu Mou Guo’s raping a young girl. Jin Jin Qiang, President of Harbin intermediate people’s court, presided over the trial, and Wang Jinli, chief procurator of Harbin Municipal People’s Procuratorate, appeared in court to support the public prosecution. In the hearing of Harbin intermediate people’s court, it was found that on the night of August 29, 2020, Liu Mou Guo cheated Zhou Mou, a four-year-old girl, from the door of Zhou’s home, and took him to the drainage ditch under the color painting publicity enclosure on the west side of Huizhi dongfangyue construction site, urban and rural road, Daoli District, Harbin city. In spite of Zhou’s resistance, he used violence to molest and rape Zhou, causing three serious injuries to Zhou Grade 2, including one grade 9 disability and two grade 10 disability. < p > < p > after the deliberation of the Legislative Council and the discussion of the trial committee, the court delivered a public judgment in court. Harbin intermediate people’s court held that Liu’s behavior of raping a young girl by violence constituted a crime of rape. The facts and charges charged by the public prosecution organ are established. Liu had been sentenced twice for committing intentional homicide and rape. After he was released from prison, he did not want to repent. He raped a four-year-old girl by special cruel means, resulting in three serious consequences of the victim, seriously harming the physical and mental health of the young girl, with extremely deep subjective malignancy, great personal danger, extremely serious crime and extremely bad social impact. Liu was sentenced to death for rape and deprived of political rights for life. 08/16/2020