Head circumference determines IQ. The later the fontanel closes, the smarter it is? Scientific explanation makes people know more

It’s not easy to have a baby, but it’s hard to raise one. After being a parent, it’s like going to school again. A lot of parenting knowledge needs to be accumulated and learned bit by bit in practice. Therefore, many Baoma lament that if they raise a child, they can become half a doctor. < / P > < p > in fact, the main reason is that parents now pay more attention to scientific parenting. Unlike previous parents who raise children at will, as long as the children are not frozen or hungry, they are not as concerned about health, hygiene and intelligence as their parents are now. Nowadays, besides the baby’s health, parents pay more attention to whether the baby is smart. Therefore, some people begin to do prenatal education during pregnancy, expecting to have a smart baby. < / P > < p > some time ago, my cousin gave birth to a baby. She referred to various symptoms and books all day to see if her baby was smart. She heard that the baby’s head circumference determines IQ, and the later the fontanel is closed, the smarter it is, so she pays attention to the baby’s head every day. So, is it head circumference that determines IQ? The later the fontanel closes, the smarter it is? Let’s do something about it first. < / P > < p > fontanelle is the gap formed by the loose combination of the skull after birth, which is divided into anterior fontanelle and posterior fontanelle. The anterior fontanel is located at the top of the baby’s head. It is a rhombic gap formed by the bone seams of both frontal bones and parietal bones. Baobao was about 1-2cm in size when she was born. The posterior fontanelle is located in the occipital part of the head, which is a triangular gap formed by the joint of parietal bone and occipital bone on both sides. This gap is usually small and will close at birth or 6-8 weeks after birth. Therefore, we usually say the fontanel closure time, mainly refers to the anterior fontanel. < / P > < p > generally speaking, with the development of the baby, the head circumference gradually increases, and the fontanelle will also become larger, until the baby is 6 months later, it will slowly shrink. Some of them are about two and a half years old. < p > < p > as for why there is fontanel and what is the relationship between fontanel and the development of the baby’s brain, Baoma also need to know. Generally speaking, after the baby is born, the proportion of the head relative to other parts of the body is too large, this is because during pregnancy, the fetal brain development far exceeds the development of other parts of the body. And the existence of fontanelle, so that the fetal skull has a retractable space, for the baby to do the preparation of natural childbirth. At the same time, fontanelle is also reserved for the baby’s brain development space. Because the baby before 3 years old, brain is still in rapid development, and fontanel closed too early, but will make the brain development space is limited. < / P > < p > from the baby in the pregnant mother’s belly to the baby’s smooth birth, the head circumference changes. And the same month old baby, head circumference is also big and small. In fact, the main reason is that, first, it is affected by genetic factors. For example, if parents have a larger head circumference, the baby is more likely to have a larger head circumference. Second, postnatal development can also affect the size of the head circumference. < / P > < p > so, the bigger the head circumference, the higher the IQ? At present, the scientific explanation has not proved this point, and from the actual situation, those with high IQ are not all big heads. For example, the brain cortex is too thick, and there may be some problems with head circumference. Therefore, it’s too one-sided to say that head circumference determines intelligence quotient, because head circumference is only one of the references of baby’s brain development. < / P > < p > although the fontanel can provide a certain space for the baby’s development, if the fontanel is closed too early, the baby’s brain development will be limited. However, some pediatric experts pointed out that fontanelle closure is sometimes a “false appearance”, that is, we can see the closure of the naked eye, in fact, there is still a certain gap. Therefore, it is not appropriate to judge whether the baby is smart or not. Moreover, fontanel closure time can be used to measure the degree of ossification of skull. If the fontanel is closed too late, it may be vitamin D deficiency rickets, congenital hypothyroidism, hydrocephalus and other diseases. Therefore, if the baby fontanel closed too late, treasure mothers should also pay attention to take the baby to check in time. < / P > < p > the development of the baby needs food to provide a continuous supply of nutrition, and brain development can not do without food. Therefore, in the scientific feeding of the baby, Baoma should pay attention to let the baby eat more food rich in “brain gold”, such as deep-sea fish. At the same time, other foods should be nutritionally balanced. < / P > < p > studies have shown that obesity can lead to a decrease in the intelligence of babies. This effect is not direct, but indirect, that is, obesity will make the baby slow, slow brain reaction, and then appear “stupid”. < / P > < p > intelligence quotient is partly inherited and partly acquired. If moms are willing to work hard on their children’s education, such as early education class, Qizhi class, some thinking classes that help brain development, and learning some flexible survival and communication skills, it will be helpful for children to improve their IQ. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE