Head up, back up! Don’t take adolescent scoliosis seriously

“Lift your head up, keep your back straight, do you want your eyes?” In many people’s childhood memories, this is a sentence that my mother often reminds me when I look down to read or write. In fact, the parents are not only worried about the children’s eyes, but also pay attention to whether the developing children’s spine will be scoliosis.

the first is the influence of posture, because the occurrence of scoliosis is not only changed from one aspect, often a scoliosis will be accompanied by changes in the sagittal plane, coronal plane and horizontal plane of the human body; from the perspective of kinematics, there will be left and right scoliosis, forward and backward rotation, forward and backward translation. The final results are flat back, bilateral chest asymmetry, trunk deviation from the body midline, female patients will also lead to “big and small chest”.

the second is the psychological influence. Because of the sensitivity of teenagers’ psychological development, when their posture is different from ordinary people’s performance, they often have the performance of inferiority complex, and even lead to social fear.

the development of scoliosis is mostly in the age of 10-16 years. At present, comprehensive treatment options are mainly based on the degree of scoliosis and the development of the disease.

early detection and early treatment are particularly important. The purpose of treatment is to prevent the development of scoliosis, keep the spine in the best corrected position, improve its deformity, and straighten the structural scoliosis as far as possible. Severe scoliosis requires surgery.

medical corrective gymnastics is the most convenient, economical, safe and painless treatment. Medical correction gymnastics also has certain significance in improving health, strengthening physique, promoting normal development, establishing normal posture and improving cardiopulmonary function. It has different effects on different development stages and different types of scoliosis, and the characteristics of medical correction gymnastics are different.

1. In the early stage, especially in children or prepubertal mild idiopathic scoliosis, good range of motion and flexibility of the spine, and no obvious structural deformity of the spine, corrective gymnastics can play the most corrective role. At this time, it can be used as the main correction method.

2. With the increase of scoliosis degree, the effect of single corrective gymnastics is weakened, and it should be combined with brace or other corrective measures.

3. In structural scoliosis and congenital scoliosis, although corrective gymnastics can not play an immediate correction role, but long-term practice can improve the flexibility and flexibility of the spine, enhance the muscle strength of the muscles supporting the spine, especially the muscles with excessive load on the convex side, prevent strain and delay the development of deformity.

4. During orthosis with brace, corrective gymnastics is still a necessary auxiliary therapy, which can prevent muscle atrophy and other disuse changes caused by braking, prevent spinal stiffness and improve respiratory function.

school has started, especially for parents of new students, children’s learning posture is also one of the key concerns. Let’s compare the correct posture of students when they listen to class and do their homework.

1. The waist and back should be straight naturally, the chest should be open, the shoulders should be flat, the chest should be about one punch away from the desk; the arms should be slightly open on the desk, the left thumb and the other four fingers should be separated into an eight character shape, and the left side of the paper should be pressed.

it is suggested to choose a lift desk as far as possible. The chair should be flat and smooth, and comfortable as far as possible in the correct sitting posture. The size of the table and chair for primary school students is generally 63cm high, and the chair should be 32cm, which is more suitable for the proportion of children’s figure. After the children go to junior high school, the chairs and tables should be increased by 5 ~ 10cm. Cai Shaofen stopped pregnancy for the first time. The 4 indexes on the B-ultrasound sheet in the early pregnancy were used to see whether the fetal development was good or not