Henan 13-year-old students beaten by classmates dare not live in school? School response

“The child was beaten by three or four classmates, and now they dare not live in school.” On October 18, Ms. Lu disclosed to Dahe news · Dahe client reporter that her 13-year-old nephew fan fan encountered campus violence in the first junior middle school of Caogang Township in Fengqiu County, hoping to seek justice.

according to Ms. Lu, her nephew is a left behind child studying in the seventh grade of the first junior middle school in Caogang Township, Fengqiu County. Her parents go out to work and usually live with their grandparents.

a few days ago, when she went back to her hometown, she found that her child had been beaten by several classmates. Now she doesn’t want to go to school. She is worried that her child will be affected by school in the future. In this regard, the teacher is also very helpless, know this matter after the parents meeting angry all cry.

according to Ms. Lu’s nephew fan fan’s recollection, after he returned to his dormitory at about 9:00 p.m. on October 15, there were three or four students from their dormitories and classes next door. One of them was holding a summer quilt and covered his head with the quilt, and then began to beat him, which lasted for more than 10 minutes.

“the left thigh is a little painful.” Fanfan said that he told the teacher that night and called several parents. He told reporters that since then, he spent more than 100 yuan to see a doctor, and many of his classmates were bullied. Everyone dare not speak. Now his appeal is to change classes or transfer schools.

the Dr examination report of the radiology department of Fengqiu Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine provided by the family members showed that there was no abnormality in the arthroscopy of pelvis and right knee. Old fracture of right tibia and fibula.

on the same day, the reporter contacted the head teacher of Fanfan and said that fan fan and his family members would go to school to solve the problem next Monday. How is the school managed? When the reporter asked her to contact the principal, she said that the principal was busy with the meeting and asked to contact her at noon. However, when the reporter contacted her at noon, the head teacher did not answer the phone.

and vice principal Wang said in an interview that it had been dealt with and called the police. The school also had a few years ago. Which school didn’t have a fight? Parents reflect that they dare not go to school, let them take evidence, and ask the reporter, “without any reason, do you believe it?”

he said, “don’t contact me, I’m the vice president.” Reporter asks, how long does the principal telephone? “I don’t know, I can’t do it, and I don’t have the right,” he says Then she quickly hung up the wire day. Ms. Lu told the reporter that in the morning, through the consultation between the parents and the school, the school changed the dormitory for the children. The four beaten children, one transferred to school, and the other three parents came to take the children away, criticize and educate them and write a review. The school also allows parents to pay a deposit of 1000 yuan. If they fight within one year, the deposit will be returned and they will be expelled directly.

“the cost of children’s medical treatment is shared by several parents, each of which is 100 yuan, a total of 400 yuan, which is transferred by the head teacher to the child’s father.” She told reporters that she did not want to investigate, and let the children finish junior high school safely.

it is reported that the Supreme People’s Court released in 2018 showed that 55.12% of campus violence cases were caused by quarrels, minor frictions and other trivia; among the campus violence cases involving intentional homicide, as high as 67.44% were caused by trivial matters.

in this regard, the national second-class psychological counselor and emotional tutor said in an interview with Dahe news · Dahe client reporter that for the bullied children, the important thing is the attitude of the school. We can’t “turn the big things into small things”. Do you have a real apology and are you punished? Whether the psychological ability of the bullied children can be balanced depends on the feelings of the bullied children.

according to the terminal, family attitude is also very important. We should attach great importance to it and express concern, care and protection, otherwise it will cause secondary harm to children. We should give children enough care and security, and let them feel that their parents will handle this matter well.

when being bullied, a child must have a sense of help seeking. I believe that there must be some people in life who may ask for help and express it in time. Otherwise, the sense of helplessness will be expressed in other forms in the future, which will become more and more serious and affect the growth of children.

in addition, parents should be reminded to pay attention to their children’s mental state at ordinary times. If their children have great changes, such as poor mental state and sudden decline in academic performance, they should consciously doubt whether they have encountered campus bullying. They should not only think that their children do not work hard and learn well, but also pay more attention to prevention.

according to a well-known professor of Zhengzhou University, campus violence is not only a physical injury, but also a long-term psychological trauma to the victims. No matter the state, society, schools and individuals all have the right and obligation of moral education. If we all shoulder the burden together, violence may be less. 08/16/2020