Home to spend tens of thousands of children to “develop the brain” brain cube branch company closed refund difficult

Recently, many parents in Yixing have reported that they have enrolled their children in the course of “brain Cube” Yixing branch company to carry out whole brain development training. Therefore, parents have not spared no effort to spend tens of thousands of yuan to sign up for classes. However, what parents did not expect was that the “brain tonic” for children did not achieve the expected effect. Before the course was completed, the training institution suddenly closed down, and it was difficult for parents to refund the fees. < p > < p > in 2016, Ms. Wang of Yixing saw the propaganda of “brain Cube” in the circle of friends. She said that the comprehensive learning abilities of young children such as concentration, imagination, creativity and self-confidence could be effectively improved through the whole brain balance training method. In order to help the children who were still in primary school at that time to get better learning methods, she spent 68000 yuan to buy a complete set of courses. However, the course that originally claimed to be able to continue to high school graduation came to an abrupt end when Yixing branch of Inner Mongolia brain cube whole brain Application Training Center Co., Ltd. suddenly cancelled its registration on January 10 this year. Ms. Wang: “according to what she promised us, when we graduate from high school, the course is not finished. Like that brain screen imaging, you can take a picture of an article and print it in your brain. You can recite front and back, and then you can recite punctuation. ” Ms. Wang also said that the child attended classes at the Yixing branch of naofang, but the contract for purchasing the course was stamped with the official seal of the Shanghai Branch of the brain cube company, and the company’s headquarters were in Inner Mongolia. In 2018, due to the poor learning effect, she once applied for a refund to Shao, the head of Yixing branch of brain cube. The other party said that she would apply to Shanghai company, but it has been delayed so far. However, Ms. hang, a parent who also failed to get a refund, said that she also spent tens of thousands of yuan to buy the “super sense mental imaging power” course after listening to the propaganda of brain cube. “As the saying goes, open your eyes and put the red, yellow and blue blocks on your forehead, saying that children can see the color, and then there will be a picture inside, which is how to develop it.” < p > < p > another Ms. Lu spent 136000 yuan to buy a set of courses for each of her children. After she had no income from sensory studies, Ms. Lu received a letter of commitment to refund 54000 yuan within one year issued by the Shanghai Branch of brain cube on March 27, 2019, but has not yet received a refund. < p > < p > according to the publicity photos of brain cube provided by parents, the whole course includes nine subjects, including Haoji Miaoyi, super sensory mental imagery, super sensory creativity and brain screen imaging learning method. < / P > < p > among them, the super sense image training can help students effectively improve their concentration, and can identify color cards, word cards, cards, etc. with the accuracy rate of 80% ~ 100%; the super sense creative ability training can help students write 300-500 words of composition according to the requirements within 15 minutes, and quickly write seven character and five character poems according to the artistic conception, up to 12-20 poems per hour, and the parents can set up children arbitrarily Write a poem in 3 minutes. < p > < p > according to the preliminary statistics of parents, since the cancellation of the Yixing branch of naofang, more than 50 parents have applied for refund, with the amount of millions of yuan. Even Qian, the company’s teacher, also bought a 68000 yuan course for her children. Mr. Qian said that he had received training before he taught super sensory imaging power. He closed his eyes to recognize objects because only his brain could feel the electric waves of objects. “Even if you see the color of this thing with your eyes open, it’s not your eyes that tell you, it’s your brain that senses the waves of this thing and tells you. Sometimes I can feel it, but rarely. ” Ms. hang told reporters that in October this year, the Shanghai Branch of brain cube sent staff to Yixing to negotiate with parents, and successively provided two sets of financial products to replace the refund amount. Because this requires parents to pay again, and there are risks in financial products, most parents do not agree. < / P > < p > “give each of us 3000” eggs “free of charge.” eggs “are one yuan, which means that each of us has to take out 3000 yuan to trade in six days. It’s just like the stock. Whether it’s up or down, he means to let us earn back the tuition.” < p > < p > on November 25, the reporter consulted Ms. Shao, the head of the Yixing branch of naofang. She said that the money was collected by the Shanghai Branch, and the money was owed by them. She has assisted the police in the investigation, and parents can find the police station if they want to know the situation. After that, the reporter contacted the police of Yixing Chengdong police station. The other party said that after investigation, the company’s behavior did not constitute a criminal crime of illegal fund-raising or fund-raising fraud. It may involve false publicity. Parents are advised to report to the market supervision bureau. When replying to parents, Mr. Wei, a staff member of the law enforcement and supervision division of Yixing Market Supervision Bureau, said that the Yixing branch of naofang had been cancelled and it was difficult for them to find someone else. Since the official seal of NCC Shanghai Branch was stamped when purchasing the course, it was suggested that parents should report to Shanghai market supervision bureau. In this regard, Zhang Sai, a lawyer from Beijing Yingke Law Firm, said that although the official seal of the contract is Nao cube Shanghai Branch, it is Yixing branch that actually contracts and teaches with parents. Parents can refer to the local market supervision bureau for help. According to China’s regulations, the head office should bear joint and several liability for the legal liability caused by the branch company. If the branch company cannot be found, the parents can also ask the brain cube headquarters to bear the legal liability through judicial channels. CUISINE&HEALTH