How about doing housework during pregnancy? The pregnant mother was forced to do housework by the old man and was grateful when she gave birth

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers are treated as baby bumps by the family. They are not allowed to do this or that. They also take good care of them every day. We think that only in this way can the fetus be safe and the baby will be healthier.

a friend of mine was spoiled by her husband and mother during her pregnancy. After only six months of pregnancy, her weight had increased by more than 40 Jin. Her mother-in-law felt that this was not good, so she urged her to take activities, such as taking a walk and doing some housework. She was not happy at first, but her mother-in-law was resolute and asked her to do a lot of housework. After doing housework, she didn’t gain so much weight, and she felt better all over. However, she still had some opinions on her mother-in-law. She felt that her mother-in-law did not understand her. She always asked her not to be too “affectionate” with the experience of their generation.

later, when my friend gave birth to a child, the doctor praised her good health and the mouth of the palace opened very quickly. It seemed that she was always active. Moreover, because of the good weight control in the later stage, the baby’s weight is moderate, and she didn’t suffer too much during natural labor. At that time, she understood that her mother-in-law asked her to do housework. After the event, she couldn’t help feeling: “pregnant was forced to do housework by the elderly, when I gave birth to a baby, I was full of gratitude, there are so many benefits.”

in early pregnancy, when the fetus is still unstable, the pregnant mother should not exercise too much and not be too tired because of housework. What’s more, most of the pregnant mothers in the first trimester of pregnancy have pregnancy reactions and are relatively weak. They are also prone to lethargy, nausea, vomiting, and can’t eat. They can’t take care of themselves. How can they be suitable for doing housework?

therefore, pregnant mothers should remember that it is not suitable to wipe the floor, lift heavy objects and bend down to sweep the floor in early pregnancy. For example, the work of washing dishes and washing dishes should be handed over to the husband and other family members as much as possible, because the cleaning products at home will contain some chemicals, so it is not safe to contact them in early pregnancy. At the same time, pay attention to protect the uterus, do not use too cold water to do cleaning housework.

in the second trimester, the fetus is relatively stable, and the pregnant mother’s reaction to pregnancy is not so great. At this time, you can do some simple housework. Such as buying vegetables, washing vegetables, cooking, folding clothes, placing household items and other light household chores, pregnant mothers can do some appropriate. However, heavy and dangerous work, such as lifting heavy objects, drying quilts, hanging clothes on tiptoe, bending down and mopping the floor, should not be done. In short, the second trimester of pregnancy should be properly “choosy” to do housework.

because doing housework during pregnancy can avoid the pregnant mother always sitting and lying down. Proper activities can promote digestion and absorption, and can also make the whole body blood circulation, and also help to promote the body’s metabolism. Doing housework properly can also exercise the pregnant mother’s physical strength, enhance the strength of the whole body’s muscles, improve the flexibility of the waist, abdomen and pelvic floor muscles, which is more conducive to normal labor.

in the third trimester of pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s stomach is getting bigger and bigger, and her body load is becoming heavier and heavier. Her own activities are very inconvenient, and she may not be able to breathe and sleep well at night. At this time, the pregnant mother in doing housework, do not force yourself, to know what to do.

besides, the constitution of every pregnant mother is different. Some of them are as light as a swallow when they are about to give birth, and some are not able to move within four or five months. Therefore, the pregnant mother should do the housework according to her ability, and decide according to the actual situation, and do not have to force herself.

in a word, if there is nothing abnormal in pregnant women’s health, they should pay attention to proper exercise and do some simple housework, which is better for their health and more conducive to production. Focus