How can cancer patients not be surgically resected? In fact, there is hope that minimally invasive treatment will bring light

The current status of cancer in China, whether in urban or rural areas, cancer is a major threat to people’s life and safety. Even though cancer treatment has made great progress, most early cancers have achieved good results, but the 5-year survival rate has not reached 50%, and the survival rate of advanced cancer will be lower. Although there is no clear statistical data, 5 The annual survival rate is expected to be less than 20%. Cancer treatment is a huge problem to be solved urgently!

there is no better solution for patients with advanced stage who have lost the opportunity of surgery, tumor spread and metastasis, and the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy are great? no In fact, there is hope that the rapid development of minimally invasive treatment for advanced patients has brought dawn!

minimally invasive treatment of tumor is a new mode of tumor treatment, that is, a humanized, rational and individualized treatment mode. It is a modern cancer treatment method integrating advanced medical imaging technology, as well as high and new technologies such as drugs, biology and gene. The basic operation procedure of minimally invasive tumor treatment: guided by CT, B-ultrasound, digital subtraction angiography or endoscopy and other imaging equipment, puncture the tumor with puncture or guide under the endoscope, and then directly treat the solid tumor or remove the tumor by using the radiation, physical or chemical methods. It is characterized by no operation, less trauma, fewer complications, accurate positioning and safe treatment.

which patients are more suitable for minimally invasive treatment of tumor: patients who are not suitable for surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy; patients who relapse or remain after surgery; or patients who relapse after radiotherapy or chemotherapy; or patients who are not sensitive to solid tumors, especially those who are unable or unwilling to undergo surgery and cannot receive radiotherapy or chemotherapy, can give full play to their treatment advantages. In addition, there are also various kinds of patients who can be in the cavity The tumor patients who completed the operation under the microscope.

4. It has a radical effect on some early tumors, and palliative effects on advanced tumors such as reducing tumor, prolonging survival time and improving quality of life.

most patients with advanced stage have weak physique. Due to the invasion of tumor, the body function of patients is seriously affected, resulting in a series of complications, and ultimately threatening the life and safety of patients. At this time, the treatment must be considered from the patient’s physical condition, and the appropriate is the best. Blindly killing tumor may cause the opposite effect. Before the tumor is eliminated, people will collapse first.

choosing the treatment with lower side effects can minimize the damage to patients, and have a significant effect on physical recovery. At the same time, starting from diet, daily life and other aspects, we can control the tumor and improve the immune function of patients, so as to really prolong the survival time of patients. The original intention of treatment is to make people live longer, not just to eliminate tumors! 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”