How can the name of primary and secondary schools be more than 20 words? Does the child remember

Ask a colleague which primary school the child is studying in. She was stunned for a moment, and then told me: ×× foreign language school Hexi junior middle school first affiliated primary school.

it refers to a number, the full name is 19 words, and the abbreviation is also 7 words. No wonder she hesitated for a few seconds. My obsession suddenly broke out: if the test paper to write the name of the whole school, how long does the child have to delay? Can a child remember or write down the name of his school?

the change of university name has been paid close attention by the society. In recent years, the junior college has been upgraded to an undergraduate course, and the college has been renamed a university. The name of the college with seven or eight characters has been changing constantly. It is said that it greatly meets the expectations of students and parents for a better life. However, there seems to be no authoritative information to show that colleges are better than vocational and technical colleges, and universities are better than colleges. There is a broad consensus in the society that a university is bigger than a college.

the name of the university is constantly expanding, and the renaming of primary and secondary schools has also been taken seriously recently. It is obviously impossible to upgrade the name of primary and secondary schools. Primary schools should be changed into secondary schools and secondary schools should be changed into colleges. However, they can not become bigger and stronger. They can rely on well-known local schools that have become bigger and stronger and share the glory of famous schools. For educational news programs on TV, pay attention to the identity of those schools or teachers. Subtitles are often super long, and some use brackets to indicate another name. Understanding the school’s hardship: we can’t help mentioning the branch school, otherwise how to show the school level? Some branch schools still have problems.

famous schools run branch schools and have “cross district assignments”: ab experimental junior middle school in XX city. County B is a strong education County outside of ×× city.

if you are interested, you can continue. A school name of 20 words is definitely not the highest record. In the same region, some schools are said to be in a deadlock. The public school is called “Hexi Branch of foreign language school”. The private school has to retreat to the second place and call it “Hexi foreign language school” — there is a “foreign language school”, which feels different.

why should non famous schools be affiliated with famous schools and willing to become branch schools? Why are famous schools willing to hang a bunch of branch schools or even branch school brands? Industry insiders point out that this is an issue that can be figured out with one’s toes. This is a game of words conspired by all sides: schools, education authorities, real estate agents or real estate agents, and parents. The ranking is difficult to distinguish. What happened? Of course, it’s not just a game, but tangible benefits: parents feel great comfort; School District Housing sales have been effectively promoted; school level, changing the name of the school seems to be automatically promoted, and the branches and competent departments are proud; retired teachers and retired second-line leaders of famous schools can take part-time jobs in the listed branches, which is even more a surprise. However, because of affiliation with famous schools and the appreciation of school district housing, it is necessary for the parents of later students to pay a little more for the house temporarily.

when a new primary school is built in a certain place, the education department promises to actively promote the coverage of high-quality educational resources, determine the school as “XX foreign language primary school ×× campus”, and at the same time introduce the university resources of ×× Institute of education, so as to provide support in research, teaching reform, teacher training, academic exchange, etc. When the owners heard the news, they fought against the rain all night because they had been looking forward to the name of the Affiliated Primary School of ×× Normal University, not the name of the Affiliated Primary School of ×× Institute of education. As a matter of fact, the primary education of XX Institute of education is a trump card major. However, the owners do not know about it and do not accept it. The competent authorities have to give up “tired”.

Why are the names of primary and secondary schools so long? Behind it may be the collusion and win-win of fame and fortune. Some people feel sad and sorry: famous schools run branch schools, branch schools run branch schools, and there are campuses. There are nearly 30 branch schools under a famous school group; how much “soup” can there be in the “bowl” of branch schools? In the end, the common people may not really get high-quality education resources, but only the illusory satisfaction of vanity. Do you think that the schools with high quality education are not so qualified? It may be more unpopular and less confident in development. Hang the brand of famous schools, at least this school district housing can get a certain appreciation space, the East is not bright, the west is bright.

now, the alarm of “no speculation in housing and housing” is constantly ringing, and the names of primary and secondary schools are constantly prefixed with the brands of famous schools. What kind of operation is this? Isn’t it pushing waves to help stir fry?

I’m still more concerned about the small problems after the name of the school has become longer: first, how many teachers of famous schools can clearly state which branch schools they have set up? Let’s not talk about preparing lessons and activities together with the teachers of the branch school; secondly, how many children in the branch school can accurately state their school names? Third, the school now attaches great importance to foreign exchange, more than 20 words, some also add brackets, how to translate this complex school name, so that the earth people can understand it? Focus