How dangerous is pregnancy induced hypertension? The four negative effects should be “closely watched” and should not be delayed

gestational hypertension refers to hypertension occurring during pregnancy, incidence rate is 5% of the total number of pregnant women. When pregnant women have pregnancy induced hypertension, there will be abdominal pain, blurred vision, proteinuria, headache, edema and other symptoms, if not given timely treatment and control, it may also cause systemic spasm, renal failure and other symptoms of sexual function, and even cause maternal and child death. < / P > < p > pregnancy induced hypertension may lead to liver and kidney problems, such as proteinuria, renal failure, liver surface hemorrhage, and even liver rupture. If there has been a rupture of the liver, the condition has been very serious. < / P > < p > pregnancy induced hypertension will definitely affect cardiovascular health, which will easily lead to the perfusion of blood flow in placenta. When this symptom occurs, the baby’s growth and development will be in a state of oppression. If the blood vessel rupture at this time, there may be massive bleeding, placental abruption and other conditions, the situation is not good, and even endanger the health of mother and child. < / P > < p > hypertension may lead to coronary insufficiency, and pregnancy induced hypertension may also cause this problem in pregnant women. If not given symptomatic treatment, patients may also have myocardial ischemia, edema, left heart failure and other symptoms. So for this disease, must not be careless. < / P > < p > if pregnant women with pregnancy induced hypertension have vomiting, dizziness, convulsions and other symptoms, it may be due to the disease causing cerebral ischemia, brain edema and other symptoms. When patients with these symptoms, must not delay, must be timely medical treatment, to avoid causing cerebral hemorrhage. < / P > < p > warm tips: pregnancy induced hypertension is an extremely dangerous disease, so pregnant women must do a good job of pregnancy examination on time. Secondly, we should pay attention to the rules of diet, work and rest in life. Many women suffer from pregnancy induced hypertension because they eat a lot of high oil and fat food after pregnancy, which makes the hypertension rise in a short time and forms pregnancy induced hypertension. When this disease occurs, we must be under the guidance of doctors for medication and treatment, so as not to affect the health of pregnant women and fetal growth. After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so