How did Guan Xiaotong reduce herself to double-digit?

On the eve of her birthday, Guan Xiaotong, who is still trying hard to lose weight, recently succeeded in losing hundreds of pounds. With a little excitement, she immediately shared the news with you!

from the video, Xiaotong has lost a lot of weight, and the latest activity chart also shows her slim figure. With her iconic long legs, Xiaotong is a 2.8 meter aggressive female president. That’s right ~

of course, showing the weight loss results is only one aspect. The beautiful girl also shares her experience of persisting in weight loss on the line, and sisters can take a small notebook to remember it.

Xiaotong stressed that the mentality in the process of weight loss is very important. We should learn to accept the situation that weight loss is not obvious in a short period of time, or even the bottleneck period for a period of time.

I also need to reinforce my mind, see some photos of people thinner than myself every day, and set my fattest photo as a screen saver to encourage myself to stick to it.

as for the specific way to lose weight, she is to eat less + Pilates + fitness. She doesn’t need to explain more if she keeps her mouth shut and strides forward. In her clever words, “when you insist on it for more than seven times, you will fall in love with it. Sometimes, self-discipline is happier than eating more supper.”

what Pilates plays in it is to improve the posture and adjust the body-building posture, so as to prevent the incorrect muscle groups used in the exercise process. This set of program is of great significance for reference.

Xiaotong has been focusing on the problem of mentality from the beginning to the end, which is really very important for weight loss, especially when it comes to the platform period, many people will start to get upset because the number on the scale has not changed.

when you’re not happy, it’s hard to stick to it. If you’re not careful, you’ll retaliate. So instead of worrying, you’d better try to get through and break through the platform period. The first situation is that the number on the scale doesn’t change, but your body circumference is changing. Because in the combination of eating less and exercise, the fat is reduced, while the muscle content is increasing, and the body will become much tighter.

you should know that fat only decreases at the rate of 30g-50g per day, and the moisture in the body fluctuates from time to time, so it’s not really a platform period ~

this is also the reason why fitness coaches recommend not to weigh when they start to lose weight. Numbers don’t mean everything. What we need to pay attention to is the change of body fat and circumference.

the second situation is that the “great cause of weight loss” has really stagnated. When we start to reduce fat, we will inevitably adjust the diet structure, reduce intake and increase the amount of exercise.

when the intake is suddenly less than the consumption, it is easy to lose weight. But when the intake is fixed and the daily fitness is regular, the body will adapt to this intensity and the heat consumption will gradually decrease.

especially when some sisters only want to achieve the goal of “losing ten pounds a month” by dieting, the smart brain will start the emergency protection mechanism, in order not to make you hungry and stop losing weight.

it’s easy for friends who have irregular diet for a long time to enter the platform period. If they want to lose weight, they will exercise crazily and control their diet. If they don’t eat and drink too much in two days, it’s impossible for them to lose weight successfully!

blindly abstaining from carbon water and fat will only make you lose weight when you eat salad every day. All three nutrients are indispensable. It’s good to control the daily calories at 1000-1200 calories.

in the process of eating more low GI food, the lower the GI in food, the less likely people are to be hungry, and the lower the frequency of eating, so as to reduce the intake of excess calories.

on the basis of the original, cardiopulmonary and resistance training should be changed. Try to increase the number and weight of groups and strengthen physical training. New movements can also be arranged ~

those who originally did aerobic exercise can change to strength training, or combine the two, strength first and then aerobic for one month, break the habit and then become aerobic first and then strength.

Heather Robertson is a famous “Hitt demon”. She made “fancy Hitt series” with her to break through the platform of fat reduction and strengthen cardiopulmonary function at the same time. Since we want to confuse the body, then “cheating meal” has to appear. A small indulgence can make the body mistakenly think that there is enough energy to reduce absorption.

controlling the frequency once a week or once every two weeks can not only improve the level of leptin and metabolism, but also reward yourself and offset the negative emotions brought by low-carbon diet.

but the premise of arranging a cooking day is that you are really strictly controlling your diet. If you don’t avoid eating at ordinary times, cheating meals won’t play any role. It will only become an ordinary fattening meal

Finally, I’d like to give you some tips on life. I know that all sisters have dyssomnia, but sleep not only affects endocrine, but also affects digestion, absorption and lipolysis efficiency.

there will be a bottleneck period in any diet control method. It’s better to combine exercise to lose weight. Don’t be too anxious when meeting the platform period. Calm down and finally stick to self-discipline. The result will definitely make you feel that everything is worth it. Focus