How do men and women in the world use contraception? Contraception is a big market, and the last one is heartbreaking

Not ready to give birth to men and women, in the process of rooming with their loved ones need to do a good job of contraception, or there will be unexpected pregnancy, bring unnecessary trouble. At this time, it is particularly important to choose healthy and scientific contraceptive methods. Due to the great differences in cultural history, ideological form, scientific and technological level and physique of men and women in the world, contraceptive methods are also different. According to relevant data, 37% – 44% of couples in the United States choose to use ligation for contraception, and 10% – 25% of women use oral contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. In recent years, new technologies such as subcutaneous implant contraception have been gradually used. < p > < p > because there is no big difference in status between men and women in the United States, more men are willing to use ligation for contraception, which can be regarded as “once and for all” contraceptive method. Although Japan is a relatively developed country with advanced science and technology, condom use is very advanced. < p > < p > men wear rubber condom, thus blocking the meeting of sperm and egg, which has the effect of contraception. The success rate of this contraceptive method is as high as 99%, and it can avoid the exchange of liquids, prevent the spread and infection of diseases, and provide safety and health protection at the same time. In the early years, China implemented the family planning policy. According to relevant data from China, 41.8% of women of childbearing age were in shanghuan. According to the population of that year, there were more than 110 million women in shanghuan. < / P > < p > the upper ring is also known as the IUD, because most of the devices placed in the uterus in the early years are annular. With the continuous progress of medical technology, the most frequently used device is the IUD. The advantages of IUD are simple operation installation, long contraception period, good contraceptive effect, and will not affect women’s hormone level like other hormone drugs. And if you want to restore fertility, you just need to have another operation to remove the ring. Although this kind of contraception is quite popular in China, it is also equivalent to putting a “foreign body” into a woman’s body, which will produce rejection reaction. < / P > < p > in light, it will make women often feel back pain and menstrual disorder. In serious cases, it will cause adverse gynecological health problems, or the deviation of contraceptive ring may lead to unexpected pregnancy. < p > < p > to say that shehuan is the most common contraceptive method between married couples, then unmarried young people generally use condoms, which is a relatively safe and effective method of contraception, and the contraceptive rate is as high as 99%. < p > < p > in the common cognition of Chinese people, contraceptives can cause great harm to the body, so it is an emergency contraceptive method, which can not be used until it is absolutely necessary. < / P > < p > there is also a way of male ligation, which is safer and healthier than female upper ring. However, due to the relatively high dignity of men in China, it is considered that this is detrimental to men’s dignity, so few men are willing to choose ligation for contraception. However, with the continuous improvement of people’s concept, more and more couples and couples will choose condoms and contraceptives to avoid accidental pregnancy. < / P > < p > in European countries, oral contraceptives are the most common way of birth control for women. According to relevant data, about 30% – 60% of women of childbearing age choose this method. The average duration of oral contraceptives for German women was 6.5 years, France was 5.6 years, and Britain was 5.5 years. Only 5% – 7% of European women used IUD for contraception. However, taking contraceptives for a long time will bring untold side effects to women’s body, such as menstrual disorder, delay, and even amenorrhea, and also affect the normal hormone level of women’s body. Taking contraceptives for a long time will lead to infertility. However, there are still more than 200 million women in the world who have no access to these modern contraceptives, that is, the women in the backward areas of Africa. The economic level of Africa is very backward, but there are many difficulties in terms of fertility: high fertility rate, lack of contraceptives, prevalence of illegal abortion < p > < p > due to the backward consciousness of most Africans and the lack of health knowledge and affordable contraceptives, many African women suffer from accidental pregnancy and unsafe abortion. Information sharing for epilepsy patients