How does it feel to have a natural birth? The four most painful moments of childbirth are warriors

Because of the different physiological structures of men and women, it is difficult for men to feel the pain of childbirth in the same person. The widely spread “ten degree pain” is also difficult to imagine out of thin air. Those who have not had children can never understand how natural childbirth feels.

in particular, many reports about childbirth, such as “giving birth to a child by the roadside” and “pregnant women jumping out of a building in pain” have made many infertile women reluctant to get pregnant out of fear of childbirth.

when Lele was six months pregnant, her husband did something very moving to her. On that day, Lele and her husband were shopping in the mall. Her husband took her to a delivery experience center and said that she would experience everything. Lele could not persuade her.

although Lele loves her husband, she still feels warm in her heart, although her husband, like other Experiencers, is painfully distorted.

other people’s husbands are brought by their daughter-in-law. Only Lele is the husband’s initiative. All the girls in the hall look at Lele with envy.

after her husband came down, he Lele described the pain, but the staff next to him said to her husband: “it’s just the intensity of labor. There are several stages of labor to be faced with in order to give birth to a child. This is an appetizer.” After listening, my husband took Lele’s hand with heartache.

when we describe childbirth pain, we generally refer to the “ten level pain” theory. However, the pain of giving birth to a child will change with the birth process. This kind of pain is unbearable to the body. Baoma who is willing to fight for a second child is definitely a warrior.

what’s more, everyone’s constitution is different, and their sensitivity to pain is different. It is difficult to describe the pain in natural labor with words, but it is certain that the pain starts from the onset of labor pains and lasts until the end of the delivery room.

we often see pregnant women in movies and TV series suddenly covering their stomachs and saying “they are going to have a baby”. Usually, they feel the pain of labor. We often hear “labor pain” and “open several fingers” belong to the category of the first stage of labor. The closer we open the ten fingers, the more intense and frequent the pain is.

in order to open the way for the birth of the baby, the mother’s body will expand the uterine orifice in the labor pains. In order to ensure the smooth delivery of the fetal head, the uterine orifice needs to be opened from 1 cm to about 10 cm, which is painful to think about.

after the opening of the uterine orifice, the second stage of labor, that is, the process of delivery. The fetus will not be delivered from the mother’s body, the whole process depends on the uterine contraction to exert external force on the baby.

these two situations may not happen, but if necessary, they must be treated. Although anesthesia is injected during suturing, the situation on the delivery bed changes rapidly, and the puerpera usually feels some pain.

you think it’s all right after you have a baby? Whether it is a natural birth or cesarean section Baoma have to go through a big hurdle, that is, after the birth of the baby, pressing the stomach.

this is to help the residual substances such as lochia quickly excrete. Although the process is painful, it is conducive to the recovery of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to wait for the doctor to finish the pressure.

especially for Baoma who had a caesarean section, the wound had just been sutured at this time, so there was no need to talk about the pain. Baoma said that after being pressed, she shivered when she saw the doctor come in.

painless childbirth doesn’t mean that there is no pain at all. In fact, it just paralyzes your nerves and weakens your perception, which is about 50% of the original pain.

candy mother told: natural delivery and cesarean section need to experience different pain, the specific choice of surgical scheme, depends on the maternal physical conditions.

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