How does pregnant stomach discomfort do? Warm stomach and nourish stomach

The temperature is high in summer, even if the pregnant mother pays more attention to it. In order to cool down and relieve the summer heat, eat some cold dishes and cold drinks. Although it will feel comfortable and cool at first, in fact, it is easy to stimulate the fragile and warm stomach of the pregnant mother. Under the conditioned reflex, the gastric mucosa will contract rapidly, resulting in gastric ischemia and hypoxia. Often, gastritis or gastritis will easily occur The condition of recurrence of gastropathy. < / P > < p > in addition to the hot weather, pregnant mothers are more likely to be irritable. If they don’t have enough rest at night, they will be nervous and their resistance will be reduced, which will also easily lead to stomach distension and stomachache. Therefore, warm stomach and nourish stomach action, must act immediately! < / P > < p > in areas with large temperature difference between day and night or families that often turn on air conditioning, attention should be paid to keeping the stomach warm and adding clothes according to the temperature. When a pregnant mother goes to bed at night, she must change her blanket, especially her abdomen. This can not only reduce the incidence of cold, but also prevent stomach pain caused by cold. The occurrence and aggravation of stomach diseases are closely related to people’s mood and psychological status to a certain extent. Therefore, it is also important to keep a happy mood and stable mood during pregnancy, so as to avoid tension, anxiety and other emotions so as to stimulate the stomach. In addition, pregnant mothers should pay attention to exercise health care, stretch their muscles and bones, so as to improve their immunity, reduce the occurrence of diseases and recurrence of old patients, and promote health. < p > < p > nourishing the stomach is two words: no! I want to eat ice cream, cold drinks, spicy hot pot in hot weather This is probably the idea that every pregnant mother will have. Although it is OK to eat a small amount occasionally, pregnant mothers with stomach problems should not take risks. The diet should be soft, light and fresh. During pregnancy, as long as you pay attention to diet, food balance, eating hygiene, not greedy for cold drinks spicy food, daily more attention to eat some nourishing food, the stomach will not be with you. < p > < p > rice porridge is the starch that is fully boiled to gelatinization. Protein content is low, almost zero fat, and is liquid food, digestion speed is fast. When the digestive function is poor, the stomach will not have a burden. Therefore, when you feel that you can’t eat rice or stomach discomfort, drinking light rice porridge to regulate diet is beneficial to the stomach. < / P > < p > not all stomach discomfort can drink porridge. Pregnant mothers with insufficient gastric motility can drink porridge appropriately; however, the soup of congee is rich in water and large in volume. Some ulcer patients or pregnant mothers with acid regurgitation need to eat less and more meals, but it is hard to drink too much porridge. < p > < p > we often say, “to nourish the stomach, we should drink millet porridge”. This traditional experience is not wrong, millet contains less starch than ordinary rice, and the water-soluble polysaccharide is higher, which is relatively better digestion. Daily increase of coarse cereals: 1 / 3 of the daily staple food should be coarse cereals, which is also a health recommendation for pregnant mothers. When there is no stomach discomfort, often eat some millet, brown rice, oats, such as higher fiber, slower digestion speed of coarse cereals made of rice or mixed staple food, promote the improvement of gastric function, is a good choice. < p > < p > < p > “noodles” and “rice” cannot be PK. In the north and south, it is easy to argue about whether to eat rice or noodles. In fact, there is no fixed answer to this, because genetic genes and eating habits since childhood will make your digestion and absorption capacity of rice or noodles different, so choose the most comfortable stomach nourishing one after eating. Compared with porridge, steamed bread is not easy to stimulate excessive secretion of gastric acid. Moreover, steamed bread needs fermentation, fermentation can make part of the starch into small molecular sugar, but also conducive to the interference of nutrient digestion and absorption of phytic acid removed. < / P > < p > try the steamed bread slices. The higher temperature is helpful for the starch in steamed bread to gelatinize and become dextrin with smaller molecular structure and easier to be absorbed quickly. 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”