How far does your cell phone radiate when you sleep at night? The answer is unexpected

Often heard people say: mobile phones must not be put on the head of the bed! The radiation is very strong! Will become stupid! Cancer! Is cell phone radiation really so terrible? Why play cell phone before bedtime insomnia? What are the hazards of playing with mobile phones before going to bed? How can we correctly lie in bed and play with mobile phones? Don’t worry. Let’s see the solution together! Because there is no direct evidence, this is still a controversial issue in academic circles. The international agency for research on cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization (who) classifies “radio frequency electromagnetic waves” including radiation from mobile phones as 2B carcinogens. Class 2B carcinogen means “it may cause cancer to human, but the evidence of carcinogenicity to human is limited, and the evidence of carcinogenicity to experimental animals is not sufficient; or the evidence of carcinogenicity to human is insufficient, but the evidence of carcinogenicity to experimental animals is sufficient”. Simply put: there may be a causal relationship between cell phone radiation and cancer, but the evidence is not sufficient. Also belonging to 2B carcinogens are carbon black, gasoline, asphalt, Ginkgo biloba extract and so on. < / P > < p > there is also a saying that the lower the phone power, the greater the radiation. The mobile phone will send electromagnetic wave signal to the nearest mobile communication base station, whether in conversation or standby. But in fact, the strength of electromagnetic wave emitted by mobile phone has no direct relationship with the power of mobile phone. Since there is no direct relationship between electricity and radiation, the statement that “the radiation is extremely large while charging while using a mobile phone” is also lack of basis. However, the battery of some mobile phones may overheat, resulting in high temperature and danger. It is still recommended not to use the phone while charging. There is a certain basis for this. The signal displayed on the mobile phone is not the strength of the signal sent out by the mobile phone, but the signal strength received by the mobile phone from the base station. If the mobile phone signal is very poor, it means that the signal from the base station is already very weak when it reaches one end of the mobile phone. Then the mobile phone will increase the signal power, so that the base station can “hear” and increase the radiation. But don’t worry too much. There will be an upper limit on the power transmitted by the mobile phone itself. The radiation here is only relatively larger. < / P > < p > although there is no authoritative data to show the reasonable distance between the mobile phone and the head, the radiation of the mobile phone decreases with the distance. Some studies say that when the distance is 50 cm, the radiation effect is very small. However, there are many people who say the distance is 1.5 meters. In any case, 1.5 meters can at least ensure that you can’t reach your mobile phone during rest and have a good sleep. < / P > < p > if you put it at the head of the bed, you will get it as soon as you stretch your hand. When you can’t sleep over and over, you will think about it. Otherwise, you will play for a while, and then the day will be bright… < / P > < p > if the mobile phone is too large than the palm of the hand, the thumb will keep abduction for a long time, which will cause wrist strain, numbness, weakness and other symptoms. < / P > < p > lying down for a long time and playing with mobile phones will not only hurt the lumbar spine, but also be unfriendly to the cervical spine. It is recommended that the mobile phone should not be placed at the head of the bed when sleeping. < / P > < p > under normal circumstances, the pupils of things we look close to will shrink, but when it is dark, people’s pupils will be enlarged, so playing with mobile phones without lights is contrary to the physiological requirements of the eyes. < / P > < p > some people secretly hide in bed with their parents behind their backs to play with their mobile phones… It is suggested that they should not play with their mobile phones. However, if they have to play, remember to turn down the light of their mobile phones and switch the mode of mobile phones to night mode as much as possible. The side lying has the greatest pressure on the eyes. This can cause a deviation in the vision of the left and right eyes. Moreover, the compression of the pillow to the eyes will cause insufficient blood supply, which may cause short-term image overlap over a long period of time. < / P > < p > will affect the blood circulation of the elbow and brain, and may cause inert ischemia above the cervical spine. So lying in bed, it’s better to look up and play with your mobile phone and lie flat on the bed. The mobile phone should not be directly facing the eyes, and it is better to tilt the mobile phone about 45 & deg; downward. It is recommended that the distance between the eyes and the mobile phone can be 30cm ~ 50cm. If the elbow is tired, you can use a quilt to pad the elbow. Of course, be careful not to be hit by your mobile phone. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE