How hard is it to buy a suitable pregnant woman’s kit? Nike’s first maternity dress

Nike is about to launch its first maternity sportswear series. It is understood that the series includes corsets, hoodies, sports bras and vest, and will be available on September 17 this year. At present, most sports brands have not yet entered the pregnant women’s sports clothing market, which may be a good opportunity for Nike to expand new categories. It is reported that Nike tested 70 materials and reduced the range of product materials to nine, including a recycled material consisting of 83% recycled polyester fiber, in order to make pregnant women more comfortable to wear. This fabric has the function of absorbing sweat and moisture. The reporter of China Business Daily found that most of the head sports brands have not yet distributed the market of pregnant women’s sports clothing. Why does pregnant women’s clothing market not get most brands favor? Some clothing manufacturers told China Business Daily that pregnant women’s clothing has its particularity, such as the metabolism of pregnant women is relatively fast, easy to sweat, clothing needs to absorb sweat and ventilate fabrics; in addition, with the weight of pregnant women, their clothing is better to support the abdomen, reduce shoulder and back pressure. From this perspective, the high-quality pregnant women clothing R & D costs are relatively high, which leads to the majority of businesses reluctant to develop the market. Although there are few related pregnant women’s clothing on the market, the demand of consumers is expanding. Consumer Ms. Yang is a “quasi mother”. She told China Business Daily that most “quasi mothers” are working normally during pregnancy, but the materials of pregnant women’s clothing on the market are rough, too fat and not fashionable. “Most pregnant women wear” pajamas “, which is obviously not suitable for the company to wear In addition, many pregnant women will do yoga and other sports during pregnancy, but many pregnant women can not buy the right yoga pants, can only buy Super Large yoga pants, which is very uncomfortable to wear. Liu Liang, an expert in the clothing industry, told the China Business Daily that with the gradual diversification of women’s social roles, women’s clothing needs are becoming more and more detailed. Although the pregnancy period is only ten months, it is a period that women attach great importance to. Many women also need to keep a good working state during this period, so the consumption of pregnant women’s clothing shows an upward trend. Liu Liang believes that Nike chooses to layout the market for three reasons: first, there is room for development in this market; secondly, Nike has strong strength in product research and development and marketing; third, the market has relatively small competition pressure, which may create “explosive funds”. At the same time, Nike also needs to know more deeply the consumption psychology and habits of this part of female consumers. CUISINE&HEALTH