How is stomach bad emaciation very fierce to return a responsibility? Take it easy! The doctor reminded us to pay attention to five points

Hello, I’m Dr. ye: This is the 27th popular science article of Baijia’s stomach nourishing column. There are about 30 popular science articles on gastritis, intestinal metaplasia and stomach nourishing, which mainly teach you how to maintain the gastrointestinal tract scientifically? How to eat scientifically? What does stomach food have to wait? How to take omeprazole, Daxi and rebamipide, the common stomach preserving drugs, how to scientifically take stomach drugs to reduce side effects and adverse reactions, what diseases are chronic superficial gastritis, chronic non atrophic gastritis, chronic atrophic gastritis and intestinal metaplasia? How to maintain and prevent? If you need to know more about scientific maintenance and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases, you are welcome to pay attention to “doctor Ye of Gastroenterology”. Today, I’d like to give you a brief introduction about how to deal with and alleviate people’s emaciation caused by stomach disease? < / P > < p > it’s often asked how I lose weight after I have stomach discomfort? Why did you suddenly lose 10-20 Jin in half a year? In fact, many reasons have been found to cause weight loss clinically, but I have personally observed some cases leading to weight loss. Today, I would like to analyze this problem with you: < / P > < p > in the decades of reform and opening up, most people in modern society are not short of food and clothing. If you do not control the diet, it will be theoretical It’s said that most people will only get fatter and fatter, and they will go farther and farther along the way of being fat. But in clinical practice, some patients with stomach diseases have lost a lot of weight in a short period of time, and a large part of them are young people. Young people like to eat on the Internet after they have severe weight loss. Most people are scared to death when they check on the Internet because according to the description of some people on the Internet, many of them are tumors or cancers. I personally observe these carefully in clinical practice Emaciated patients draw some experience and conclusions to share with you, hoping to help those who are short-term emaciated after stomach disease. < / P > < p > the first point: Nowadays, the pace of social life is fast, especially the people who buy a house loan are under great pressure in both work and life. They often have irregular meals, drink a lot, and have a bad mood. As a result, many people have gastritis, gastric erosion, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and other stomach diseases, and many people don’t know how to protect themselves from stomach diseases Raise, lead to more and more serious stomach disease, repeated attacks, progressive aggravation, aggravation after tension, anxiety, start unscientific excessive maintenance, what is unscientific excessive maintenance? That is, some people have heard that they have to drink porridge every day for stomach diseases. They have heard that they have to eat a light diet for stomach diseases, and then they have to drink porridge, noodles and vegetables every day. These are unscientific and nutritious diets and unscientific maintenance. It is certain that long-term drinking porridge and simply eating noodles are not nutritious enough, and malnutrition will lead to emaciation. This is just one of the reasons. < / P > < p > the second point: I found that the second reason for the short-term wasting of stomach disease is to take medicine indiscriminately. One common characteristic of these people is that they are more independent, have strong self-learning ability, do not like to see a doctor, do not like to go to the hospital, love to think about it by themselves, and have a little problem < A href= target=_ blank>08/17/2020