How long does it take for pregnant mother to give birth naturally? Look at these 6 items to reach the standard, and the normal production is faster

When it comes to pregnancy and childbirth, you can have a natural birth or a cesarean section. Although the cesarean section technology is more and more mature, but now many Baoma are willing to choose natural labor, after natural delivery, Baoma recovered faster. < p > < p > in general, there is no big problem after delivery, so Baoma can get out of bed freely and take care of her baby will not be affected. And it’s good for kids. Both lung function and body resistance will be stronger. However, it is also a natural birth. Some people give birth in less than an hour, but some Baoma spend more than 20 hours, or even longer. Why is there such a gap? There was a direct relationship between the time of natural delivery and the parity of pregnant women. If Baoma is the first child, the time will be slower. The second or third will be much faster. < / P > < p > if the time is calculated from the regular contractions, the natural labor time of the first fetus is about 24 hours, that of the second is about 10 hours, and that of the third is faster, about 4-5 hours. < / P > < p > on the contrary, if the baby’s weight is about 6-7kg, the natural labor time is too long. It is suggested that cesarean section should be chosen for the fetus weighing more than 9 Jin. In addition, the best time to recover the body function is faster when the mother is at the age of < 23 years old. It has become a common phenomenon that children are born after the age of 35. In medicine, giving birth to children over the age of 35 is called "elderly maternal". Whether it is the maternal themselves or the test of the fetus are relatively large. < / P > < p > a survey on the pain of pregnant women who gave birth for the first time showed that 50% of the pregnant women had obvious pain, 44% of the pregnant women thought the pain was very obvious or even a little unbearable, and only 6% of the pregnant women felt that the pain was acceptable. < / P > < p > however, pregnant mothers who give birth to two or three children have memory of their body organs. When they reproduce, their cervix opens faster, and they are not too nervous psychologically. Therefore, both the pain and the length of delivery will become smaller. < / P > < p > although the width of the pelvis varies from person to person, the outlet diameter of the pelvis is about 8.5-9.5cm. So if the baby’s head circumference is more than 9.5 cm, it is difficult to have a natural birth.. In addition to the mother herself, the position of the fetus is also very important. If the baby is in the head position, that is, the head down handstand position, the natural labor is relatively smooth. Under the action of uterine contraction, the fetus slowly slides out. < / P > < p > if the baby is in the breech position, that is, the buttocks down position, the possibility of natural birth is very small, unless experienced doctors can smoothly transfer the fetus, then the natural labor can be successful. < / P > < p > if the weight of the fetus is about 3000 g, the natural birth will be more smooth. If the baby’s weight reaches 4000 g or more, it is difficult to have a natural birth. The pregnant mother wants to have a natural birth. She should control the weight of herself and the fetus, so as to prevent the fetal from being too big. < / P > < p > if the pregnant mother is too nervous and anxious during childbirth, it is difficult to cooperate with the doctor’s instructions during delivery. Because of the emotional effect will also aggravate the perception of pain, feel the process more painful and more difficult. < / P > < p > the pregnant mother can understand the process of natural birth and know how to do each step before giving birth, which can greatly relieve the tension. In a good mood, the birth will be more smooth. < / P > < p > the diet of pregnant women should also be reasonably matched to ensure that they have enough trace elements such as protein, calcium and iron every day, and adhere to the diet habit of low fat and high protein. Not only can control the weight very well, also won’t let the weight increase too fast. < / P > < p > if you decide to give birth naturally from the beginning of pregnancy, the pregnant mother must insist on exercise. Practice has proved that regular exercise, physical strength, endurance are very good, which is also the need for natural birth. Yoga, walking, swimming and stretching are suitable for pregnant women= target=_ blank>Waistcoat line type abdominal abuse posture, shaping the perfect abdominal curve!