How many do you know about the five hazards of smoking? The first is that men can’t accept it

“A cigarette after a meal is better than a living immortal,” has become a buzzword among smokers. It’s true that people who smoke all day look immortal, and smokers will be younger than ordinary people. The main reason is that they are basically young when they die. This is absolutely not alarmist. The World Health Organization has indicated that the number of deaths due to smoking will exceed the total number of most diseases in the world, which fully shows the risk of smoking. < / P > < p > many people are very concerned about whether smoking will really affect sexual function, the result is very cruel, obviously it will. Nicotine in cigarette does have spermicidal effect, and it can also affect the secretion system of human body and the production of sex hormones. For men, their libido decreases, and sperm mortality increases. Women are prone to miscarriage and osteoporosis, so smokers are more likely to have deformed children. It is said that “liver dominates the eye”, but in fact, the functions of internal organs are often complementary, so smoking can also lead to the birth of various eye diseases. This is undoubtedly an extremely terrible thing, is likely to cause glaucoma, cataract, chronic conjunctivitis and amblyopia. < / P > < p > many people know that smoking is prone to cancer, but in addition to lung cancer, the risk of oral cancer will also rise a lot. Moreover, smokers are more likely to develop esophageal and bladder cancer than non-smokers. In short, smokers are more likely to suffer from all kinds of diseases than non-smokers. < / P > < p > the reason why people often say “a cigarette after a meal is better than a living immortal” is that smoking can make people feel excited. In fact, the production of this excitement is not to improve the function of the nerve, but to damage the nerve. And this exciting feeling is caused by the process of nerve self-healing, so the mental state of smokers is extremely unstable. < / P > < p > the whole process of smoking is closely related to the human respiratory system, especially the bronchial part and lung part. Long term smoking will lead to the weakening of bronchial filtration function, that is, the ability to resist bacteria. Over time, these bacteria will damage the respiratory tract and lungs, and over time, they will cause diseases such as bronchitis and emphysema. < / P > < p > you can drink more Lily millet porridge. It can not only nourish the body, but also nourish the lung and clear the lung. Especially in autumn and winter, the lungs are the most vulnerable. The main ingredients of this porridge are millet and Lily, which can be cooked in cold water. < / P > < p > keeping good personal hygiene can also maintain the lungs and remove the filth from the lungs. Lung health is closely related to skin health, so we should wash our hands frequently and soak our feet more when we have time, which can help our body recover. < / P > < p > smokers can drink more persimmon yiqingrun tea, which can effectively moisten and nourish the lung. The main ingredients are: Platycodon grandiflorum, Siraitia grosvenorii, dandelion, pangdahai, mulberry leaves, chrysanthemum, gardenia, tangerine and licorice. The above ingredients can be directly boiled for 5 minutes. If you have time and patience, you can make a separate tea bag, which is more convenient to carry and brew. Conclusion: the best way to keep your lungs healthy is to quit smoking. If you can’t quit smoking, you can only reduce the harm of smoking as much as possible. Usually, you can drink more persimmon yiqingrun tea and one cup a day to easily moisten and clear the lung. Home