How much influence does caesarean section have on women? Some of the sequelae of the birth of a second child to know, not in the very lucky

In recent years, more and more women have given birth by caesarean section. Some of them are due to the abnormal circumstances that have to be dissected, while others are insisted on by themselves. In this regard, many people worry that if women have babies by caesarean section, will the ability of women’s natural childbirth be weakened or even disappear? < / P > < p > many people will say that it’s too painful to have a child in a natural birth and has no dignity. The key is that she has worked hard to give birth to a baby. She complains that it is too painful, and that her husband and other family members will say “affectation” and “not have a child?”? How much pain can you have? “If other women can bear it, you can’t?” As a result, more and more women are more likely to have a caesarean section. < p > < p > my cousin, now six months pregnant, is clamoring to have a caesarean section every day when giving birth to a baby, because it is “painless” and “easy and easy”. However, listening to her, some of the people around her who gave birth to babies by caesarean section tried their best to dissuade them and told her: if they can be produced smoothly, it’s better not to have a caesarean section. Because cesarean section seems easy and easy, without the pain of natural birth, but after birth will be painful to doubt life, the key is there are many sequelae. There is no exaggeration in these statements. Because, a lot of people who don’t know about caesarean section feel that when caesarean section is injected with anesthetic, once the eyes are closed and then opened, the baby is born. It’s very easy not to experience the pain of natural labor and all kinds of embarrassment. In fact, cesarean section can be divided into general anesthesia and hemianesthesia. It is also an unforgettable experience for the timid parturient to experience hemianesthesia and feel the doctor picking and pulling in his stomach. What’s more, caesarean section is an operation after all, open a knife on the stomach, can it not hurt? As for the sequelae, it is more difficult to say. < p > < p > caesarean section is not a small operation. Doctors have to cut seven layers of the mother’s stomach to take out the baby. This kind of injury, postpartum can leave scar, and with the passage of time, scar will only fade, will not disappear. < / P > < p > in the postpartum recovery stage, the knife edge will be slightly painful and itchy. In particular, the body wound recovery slow maternal, proliferation period will be very long, some continue for several months, some even two years, so the wound is more likely to itch. < / P > < p > many Baoma who have caesarean section will say that they have low back pain. Some will disappear in a month or two after cesarean section, and some will have back pain after six months of cesarean section. Some of them have a certain relationship with anesthesia during caesarean section, because anesthesia is through lumbar puncture, which may cause back muscle and ligament damage, which will lead to low back pain. In rare cases, nerve root injury may occur. < / P > < p > cesarean section will inevitably damage the uterus, even if the wound recovery will also form uterine scar. Postoperative complications, such as uterine adhesions, uterine prolapse, endometriosis and so on, will bring many problems to women. Although cesarean section can bring many sequelae to women, it also has its advantages as a remedial mode of production. Therefore, if it is a woman who has to have a cesarean section, it can not be excluded. However, when you plan to have a second child, you should pay attention in advance. Because cesarean section is harmful to the body and easy to have these sequelae, doctors will tell mothers to wait for at least two years to have a second child. In this way, Baoma’s body has a certain recovery time, the state of the uterus can be better, and pregnancy and preparation will be more smooth. According to their different constitution, some women recover quickly after caesarean section, while others do not recover well in three or four years. In particular, the recovery of the uterus directly affects the pregnancy of the second child. Therefore, Baoma, who plans to have a second child by caesarean section, must pay attention to go to the hospital in advance to check the recovery of the uterus and see if it is safe to have a second child now. If it is a serious uterine scar Baoma, after pregnancy, we must pay more attention to, for example, don’t let the baby grow into a “giant baby”, which is easy to make the uterus load too heavy, there is a risk of knife edge cracking and premature delivery. < p > < p > a friend of mine went to the hospital for examination when he was 8 months pregnant with a second child. The doctor said that there was a risk of uterine knife edge cracking, so he had no choice but to have a cesarean section ahead of time. The main reason or uterine knife edge recovery is not good, and the fetus is too big. Therefore, caesarean section treasure mother also should pay attention to this kind of situation, does the birth examination on time. < p > < p > compared with the normal delivery, Baoma with cesarean section should pay more attention to the second child. Moreover, because cesarean section is relatively more harmful, Baoma’s physical damage is great, so she should pay more attention to rest after having a second child. In particular, we can’t do the housework that is easy to do or drag the stomach, and we can’t hold the treasure easily. < p > < p > therefore, Baoma mothers should pay attention to that if they plan to have a second child, they must discuss with their families in advance to let them take more part in bringing Dabao. If they feel unwell during pregnancy, they should also pay more attention to taking care of them. PARRENT&CHILDREN