How old is an old man? 70? Who gives a clear answer, many people may not agree

Aging has always been a topic that many people want to avoid, but it is no doubt that avoiding can slow down the speed of aging. However, there is no unified definition of the elderly. It seems that we can’t judge whether a person is an elderly person simply by age.

many people are not satisfied with their old age. Maybe even if they are old enough, they don’t admit it. So in order to eliminate people’s “controversy”, who gives the answer, that is, middle-aged people are generally 45-59 years old, while the elderly are 60-89 years old. As for people over 90 years old, they can already be regarded as long-lived people It’s too late.

therefore, it can be known that after 60 years old, they can be called old people. But now that living conditions are better, many older “old people” are in good health and still look very young. That’s why many people are not satisfied with their old age. Of course, even though the standard has been published, as long as they are in good health, why should they care about these appellations?

mentality has a great influence on people. Many old people like to worry about other things, whether it’s their own, children’s or even other people’s, and they always keep them in mind. In the long run, if you have more troubles, your mood will not get better. If you are sad all day, you will make yourself look older.

so, if you want to keep young, you should be young first. People often say “old children”. That’s it. When you get older, you should learn to relax your mind. As long as you are healthy, other things are not so important. Moreover, a good attitude helps to improve the circulation of the body, the hormone secretion will be stable, the body resistance will rise, and the body will naturally look healthy and young.

with the increase of age, the digestive system ability of the body will decline, which will lead to the decline of the ability to decompose and digest food. So when you get old, you should pay attention not to eat too much fat or high calorie food at one time, which will cause a great burden on the body, resulting in the accumulation of fat and bloated figure. It is difficult for people to see the young state.

of course, we should also pay attention to adequate nutrition. We can eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, etc. to maintain a comprehensive balance of nutrition, which can not only ensure health, but also effectively delay aging.

exercise is also a very important part of keeping young. Exercise can not only burn fat, enhance blood circulation and metabolic capacity of the body, but also improve the body’s immunity, make your mental outlook more healthy and energetic, and make people feel young naturally. On the contrary, if we don’t exercise for a long time, it will make people appear very spiritless, and the aging will be very fast.

the suggestion is that you can exercise 3 or 5 times a week, and you can choose the number, time and intensity of exercise according to your own physical condition, which is of great help to delay aging and maintain health. Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here