How to buy six kinds of edible oil in supermarket? It’s not that the more expensive it is, the better. Don’t buy it wrong after reading it

Edible oil is an essential condiment in our life. When cooking, adding cooking oil will make the food taste more delicious, and the color is particularly bright and beautiful. There are many kinds of edible oils on the market. Each kind of oil has different taste, processing technology and nutritional components. So today, let’s talk about the differences between these oils. < p > < p > rapeseed oil is the most commonly used oil in our life, and it is also one of the main edible oils in China. It is a kind of oil squeezed from rapeseed. Its cholesterol is relatively low, but the erucic acid content is particularly high. Therefore, people with “three high” generally suggest eating less rapeseed oil. < p > < p > corn oil is an oil extracted from corn germ. It has a fresh taste and is often used to make cakes, bread and other foods. Moreover, it has a high smoke point and is suitable for frying and other foods. Its unsaturated fatty acid content is as high as 80% – 85%, and it does not contain cholesterol. It is a very healthy edible oil. The shelf life of soybean oil is usually only one year at most. Due to its dark color, it is easy to blister after cooking. Soybean oil contains a large amount of linoleic acid, which is a necessary fatty acid for human body. However, soybean oil has a strong bean flavor, which will affect the taste of vegetables. Moreover, soybean oil usually has a low oil yield, so the extraction process is often used, which is inferior to the pressed oil. < p > < p > peanut oil has a fragrant smell and clear color. It is a kind of oil that can be easily absorbed. It contains a variety of nutrients such as sterol, wheat germ phenol, phospholipid, vitamin E and so on. It is a kind of very nutritious and healthy edible oil. It is recommended that you eat it often. Sunflower seed oil is a kind of edible oil extracted from sunflower fruit. It has rich aroma and flavor, and contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid. It is one of the most important edible oils in European countries, and it is called “health oil” in foreign countries. < / P > < p > blended oil, also known as “Gaohe oil”, is an oil made by mixing several oils in proportion according to the demand. Although the blended oil has many uses, it is not suitable for high-end restaurants that need stable taste dishes. < / P > < p > the production process of oil includes pressing method and leaching method. Pressing is to extract oil from raw materials by physical methods. This method has the advantages of natural pollution-free, but the disadvantage is that the oil yield is low, so the price of pressed edible oil on the market will be high. < / P > < p > leaching method, the raw materials are soaked in chemical solvents, the crude oil is extracted, and then the oil and solvent are separated through a series of evaporation processes. The advantage of this method is that the oil yield is very high, but there will be chemical residues. Although it meets the national standards, eating such oil for a long time will be harmful to health. < / P > < p > at present, there are only enterprise standards for blended oils, and there are no national standards. In recent years, many blended oils, such as those with inferior quality and confused concepts, have emerged one after another. The raw materials and proportions of various oils in some blended oils are not clear. Therefore, it is recommended that you eat less blended oils. < / P > < p > conclusion: when buying oil, choose what is suitable for you, eat less blended oil and extracted oil, try not to eat one kind of oil all the time, and eat it appropriately instead, so that the nutrition can be balanced. < / P > < p > make the most beautiful dishes with the simplest ingredients, and make a love meal for your family. I am Mommy early, and you will bring a home-made food every day. If you like me, please click “like” and forward it to you! 08/17/2020