How to contraception after giving birth to a child? The new contraceptive method, does not need the upper ring, is really too practical

The life of husband and wife is very important for their happiness. Although Chinese people are introverted and don’t like to talk about such problems, it is true that the life of husband and wife is the lubricant for family happiness. If such lubricant is not available, life may not be so happy and happy. Thus, it can be seen that the life of husband and wife is very important. < / P > < p > especially after marriage, women who have given birth to children will have more headache in the face of such problems. If it is breast-feeding is certainly not to take contraceptives, but wearing condoms, many husbands seem to be reluctant. Therefore, many women will consider taking the ring after giving birth to a child, but it is not as simple as we think, it may bring a lot of harm to women’s health. < / P > < p > there is little sister reaction around. After the birth of the baby, they are ready to be put on the ring. Some of them are not put on the ring because they are worried about the problem, while others are treated at the time of delivery. But when it comes to menstruation, the menstrual cycle will always be wrong, and sometimes there will be vaginal bleeding. Baoma said that she always felt that her body was not as good as before, and did not know whether it was related to shanghuan. < / P > < p > some people react that the upper ring may be caused by the body’s inadaptability to the contraceptive ring, and there will be pain in the waist and sometimes in the lower abdomen. Waist pain postpartum mothers may have some, so will not think much, but abdominal pain is almost no case, most of the suspicion is related to the contraceptive ring, for example, the contraceptive ring will stimulate the endometrium, and the contraceptive ring as a foreign body into the body is certainly repellent. < / P > < p > this year, there was a report on a new contraceptive method, which does not require women to take medicine or require men to be ligated. It is a great gospel for women and reduces the harm to the body.

a new contraceptive gel approved by the US Food and drug administration, which means a new contraceptive method may be widely used. According to reports, this gel does not contain any hormones, the main components are lactic acid, citric acid, potassium tartrate, women only need to use before sexual life, basically will not cause adverse reactions in the price of about 250 dollars, a box is twelve.

this new contraceptive gel is similar to spermatozoa, which prevents sperm from entering the uterus and slows the movement of sperm. But this new gel can change the pH value of the female’s private parts, so that the sperm and other sexually transmitted bacteria can not survive. This can also avoid some problems of sexual life. According to the relevant data, about 50% of women under the age of 25 have had repeated abortions. Many of them are caused by accidents and not taking proper contraceptive measures. And the uterus is like a fertile land, regular injury, will appear uterine damage, resulting in infertility, premature birth, easy abortion and other problems. The incidence rate of

is increasing. It is a disaster for many people and has important damage to the body. Contraception can avoid such problems to some extent, thus reducing the risk of infection of related diseases. For postpartum women, avoidance is more important. There are many women because they do not pay attention to and let themselves in the postpartum within six months or a year again pregnant, this time the risk will be greater. The damage caused by one birth has not recovered well, and pregnancy again is a great threat to the health of the body. Some people may even face the risk of losing their uterus, so we must be careful. Focus