How to effectively prevent osteoporosis in elderly women? Master these three methods

In our country, the average age of menopause is about 50 years old. After this age, women begin to enter the old age stage. Due to the close relationship between senile diseases and female estrogen level, when the hormone level shows a downward trend, women will have obvious osteoporosis symptoms, so for elderly women, the prevention of osteoporosis is extremely important. At present, what can effectively prevent and treat osteoporosis in women? Keeping these three points in mind can effectively solve the problem. < p > < p > after the age of 50, women lose more calcium, so bone development and calcium content will change, but this does not affect. Women can maintain moderate exercise, outdoor exercise for an hour a day, with appropriate nutritional supplements can maintain bone strength. The way of exercise is mainly jogging, do not carry out too intense activities, which will increase the stress of the bone, not good will lead to fracture. < / P > < p > although the estrogen level of women over 50 years old will decline, which will affect the absorption of calcium by bones, but in the case of ensuring balanced nutrition, bone still has a certain ability to absorb calcium. Therefore, it requires women to appropriately supplement calcium rich foods, such as high calcium milk, calcium tablets, etc. The fusion of calcium and lipids can balance the absorption of calcium by bone, thus effectively preventing osteoporosis. After the age of 50, living habits are very important. Many bad living habits will affect women’s osteoporosis, such as smoking, excessive drinking, drinking coffee and strong tea. Among them, many living habits will affect the bone absorption of women. Studies have shown that coffee and strong tea can affect people’s rest and sleep, and insomnia will aggravate endocrine regulation disorder, and eventually lead to more disorder of hormone metabolism, thus affecting the body’s bone absorption of calcium. Therefore, to ensure adequate sleep and develop good living habits have an important impact on the prevention of osteoporosis. < / P > < p > from the above three points, it is not difficult to see that for the prevention of osteoporosis in elderly women, the focus is on habit and personal self-discipline. If these three points are well done, we can effectively prevent osteoporosis in elderly women. Even in the elderly stage, we can still exercise and live a youthful posture. 08/17/2020