How to maintain cervical vertebra in autumn? Teach you 4 moves to maintain cervical vertebra, keep away from disease

Autumn temperature gradually cool, in the cold weather out to do a good job in the neck warm, you can choose high collar clothes or wear a scarf to protect the neck, so as to avoid the neck by the cold stimulation, thereby reducing the possibility of cervical spondylosis, pay attention to the neck warm for patients with hypertension and other diseases also has certain benefits. When the neck cold, sore, can be appropriate massage or hot compress on the neck for maintenance.

some people need to work in front of the computer all the time because of their work, and sitting for a long time is easy to cause chronic strain, thus affecting the cervical spine and cervical spondylosis. Usually should actively correct the bad posture in life, every period of time to stand up and walk around. Now most of the people have become bow headed people, no matter when and where, they are playing with their mobile phones with their heads down. It is particularly easy to cause cervical problems if they bow their heads for a long time.

the choice of pillows must meet the physiological requirements of the neck. If the pillow is not too high, it will easily lead to the occurrence of stiff neck. In the long run, it is easy to cause cervical problems and suffer from cervical spondylosis. However, the mattress should not be too soft. It is said that too soft bed is not good for the cervical spine and is not conducive to the maintenance of the cervical spine

in life, do not choose too intense sports when exercising. Autumn is suitable for swimming, playing badminton and other sports, and can also insist on doing cervical exercises for a few minutes every day, so as to enhance physical fitness and muscle ability, and effectively prevent cervical spondylosis The occurrence of. Usually to avoid excessive fatigue, cervical vertebra has been tired, it is easy to have problems, so we should combine work with rest.

to prevent cervical spondylosis in autumn, we should pay attention to the above maintenance work. When the weather is cold in autumn, we should keep the neck warm, actively correct the bad posture in life, sit and play with the mobile phone for a short time, choose the mattress and pillow suitable for your neck needs, and adhere to appropriate exercise every day to achieve the combination of work and rest. At the same time, pay attention to the diet, as well as enough sleep every day. Focus