How to make up for the “four deficiency” of traditional Chinese medicine: Qi deficiency, blood deficiency, Yang deficiency and yin deficiency

Due to the improvement of living standards, more and more people pay attention to their own body. They often hear that some people will say that they are physically deficient. In traditional Chinese medicine, weakness is divided into “four kinds of deficiency”. So how can we make up for these four kinds of weakness? < / P > < p > the first deficiency of Qi: it means that the body is lack of vitality, and patients often feel tired, sweating and other symptoms. They need to eat more food with the effect of Supplementing Qi, such as soybean, red jujube and longan. They should avoid eating food that consumes vitality, such as water spinach, betel nut, etc. At the same time, appropriate exercise should be carried out, mainly gentle Qi raising exercise, such as Taijiquan, qigong, etc. it is not suitable to overload exercise, avoid sudden exertion and long-term suffocation. Daily should have enough time to fall asleep, keep calm. < / P > < p > the second deficiency of blood: it means that the blood production in the body is insufficient, the patients with blood deficiency will have no blood color, pale complexion and other symptoms, and the female patients will also have the situation of reduced menstruation. The blood deficiency is usually abnormal in the spleen and stomach. You can regulate the spleen and stomach first, and the blood can form normally after the spleen and stomach function is normal. You can eat more pumpkin, which is rich in cellulose Degree, belongs to warm food, increase intake can also help smooth the intestinal tract. In addition, you should eat more food to supplement qi and blood, such as spinach, black fungus, mutton and so on. Leisure time can be appropriate to participate in outdoor activities, can enhance the body’s hematopoietic capacity. < / P > < p > the third deficiency of Yang: Yang deficiency patients are lack of Yang Qi in the body. They can supplement Yang Qi, eat more warm food such as beef and mutton, eat less cold food such as mung beans and watermelon, and avoid ice cream and ice cream. When the temperature difference changes greatly, you need to pay attention to add or reduce clothing in time to avoid catching cold. Meridian care is also very important for replenishing Yang Qi in the body. Before going to bed, you can soak your feet in warm water for about 20 minutes, and you can feel fever all over the body. This means that the blood circulation of the whole body is unblocked, which can make the meridians of the body unblocked. < / P > < p > the fourth deficiency Yin deficiency: it means that the Yin fluid in the body is insufficient and the deficiency fire in the body is exuberant. The patients with Yin deficiency should eat more cold food, such as watermelon, cucumber, tofu, etc., which can supplement the Yin Qi in the body. They can also take some Chinese medicine for nourishing yin. Yin deficiency patients should avoid eating fried food, can eat cold drinks, it has conditioning effect for yin deficiency patients, can eat properly, avoid excessive drinking. The emotion of patients with Yin deficiency is very easy to fluctuate, so we should maintain a stable emotion and learn to transform bad emotions. < / P > < p > four deficiency patients can also be treated by TCM moxibustion. For different kinds of weakness, moxibustion points are not used, such as Qi deficiency. Moxibustion at Qihai can effectively relieve Qi deficiency. You can go to the regular Chinese Medicine Museum for moxibustion conditioning. It can also be conditioned by taking traditional Chinese medicine, such as ginseng and Astragalus to regulate qi deficiency, Lily and wolfberry to regulate Yin deficiency, ginger and pilose antler to regulate Yang deficiency, angelica and Atractylodes macrocephala to regulate blood deficiency, etc. < / P > < p > the internal organs of the body are connected with the internal organs. If one of the internal organs is weak, the other organs will also be affected. Therefore, if you find that your body is weak, you need to judge which kind of weakness your posture is and adjust it as soon as possible, so as not to affect the other organs of the body. Skip to content