Huamei Zixin cooperates with more than 40 medical and American suppliers to build an alliance of authentic medical products

On September 22, Huamei Zixin’s “licensing ceremony of medical and American authentic products alliance and 17 new product release & sharing of medical and aesthetic industry trend” was launched! At the scene, leaders of Sichuan cosmetic and Plastic Association, more than 40 partners of authentic product alliance, well-known e-commerce platform and major mainstream media gathered together to witness the official launch of authentic product alliance, and help to build a medical and aesthetic environment and industry ecology worthy of consumers’ trust! Nowadays, the medical and aesthetic industry is developing rapidly and the scale of the industry is growing rapidly. However, some industries are also accompanied by chaos, such as fake goods and parallel goods, which seriously infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and disrupt the orderly development of the medical and aesthetic industry market. Therefore, it is very important for practitioners to actively carry out self-regulation and help the medical beauty product market to achieve “authentic”. < p > < p > therefore, Huamei zixinte, together with more than 40 well-known medical and American suppliers such as aierjian, remaji and Johnson & Johnson, specially invited Xinyang, Dianping, Yuemei, gengmei and meibei as witness platforms to launch the authentic product alliance. It aims to achieve the effect of boycotting informal institutions, informal doctors and informal products, further promote the upgrading of the medical and aesthetic industry, and give consumers a more trustworthy experience of seeking beauty. < p > < p > at the launching ceremony, pan Ning, President designate of Sichuan beauty and Plastic Association, and Xue Hong, general manager of Huamei Zixin, delivered speeches, expressing the positive significance of the Alliance for the healthy development of the industry and their determination to safeguard the safety of beauty seekers. The representatives of all suppliers also shared the current industry trend and the necessity of building a genuine alliance with leading medical and American enterprises such as Huamei Zixin. < p > < p > SUN Lijie, deputy director of national sales of thermomarge, shared that because of its remarkable lifting, skin tightening and wrinkle removing effects, thermomaggie is sought after by many beauty seekers. However, with the popularity of thermomarge, there are many unqualified medical and beauty institutions in the market, even beauty salons, under the banner of genuine thermomarge, to provide fake and parallel goods for beauty seekers. Therefore, when choosing to be a remaji, beauty seekers must recognize the formal authorized institutions such as Huamei Zixin, so as to achieve a safe and satisfactory effect. < p > < p > in addition, President Yang Li of Huamei Zixin officially released 17 anti-aging and rejuvenating products at the meeting, introduced the latest trend of anti-aging and rejuvenating products to all of you, and said that the products were cooperating with authentic manufacturers to ensure safety and beauty. < p > < p > it is reported that Huamei Zixin, as a 22 year old medical and aesthetic institution, has always put the return to the nature of medical treatment, safety and security, plastic beauty in the first place. For a long time, Huamei Zixin has been committed to working with all parties to jointly promote the development of trust in the medical and aesthetic industry. This time, the establishment of Huamei Zixin medical and aesthetic authentic products alliance is also one of the important measures of Huamei Zixin to safeguard the rights and interests of consumers and help the development of the city of medicine and beauty. Huamei Zixin said that it hopes to have more institutions join in in the future to jointly safeguard the healthy ecology of the medical and aesthetic industry, ensure the safety of consumers, let consumers enjoy quality consumption, and help the development of the city of medicine and beauty! Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here