Hunan woman gave birth to a “little monkey”. The circus spent a lot of money to buy it. Baoma: she is my daughter

As we all know, due to genetic factors, everyone’s appearance is different. Even twins are slightly different. And some people because of congenital defects, leading to discrimination in life. Some novice mothers can not bear the pressure and will choose to abandon their children. But the mother we introduced today chose to raise her child because this is her daughter. What kind of disease does this child have? Let’s move on. < p > < p > Ms. Jiang in Hunan is an ordinary mother. After her pregnancy, she is waiting for the arrival of her fetus like other mothers. During pregnancy, Ms. Jiang was very careful for fear of bumping into her baby. Unexpectedly, after the baby was born, she was still scared. The daughter’s face is not very good-looking, the face is about the size of a palm, the skin on the face is very thin, typical “skin and bone.”. The head can clearly see the skull, the body is bent, like a “little old man”. Because the daughter looks like the monkey king with a middle hairy face and a big mouth, some people later called the child “little monkey”. Only when Ms. Jiang asked the doctor did she know that her daughter was suffering from “closure of the hilum.”. The disease usually occurs only in newborns and is related to genetic factors, and may also be caused by calcium deficiency. In addition to the slow growth of the skull, there are other symptoms of bone slow development. Ms. Jiang’s daughter told the couple that it was unlikely that their daughter would grow up in life. Looking at her daughter’s appearance, Ms. Jiang’s husband will certainly not be able to get married in the future, and their family’s economic situation is not enough to support her for a lifetime, so she plans to abandon her daughter. But Ms. Jiang gave birth to her daughter in October. Naturally, she did not want to abandon her child, so she insisted on keeping the child and decided to raise the child. Seeing her resolute attitude, Jiang’s husband had to agree. Although he said it ruthlessly, he couldn’t give up his daughter. < p > < p > as the doctor expected, three years later, Ms. Jiang’s daughter Xiaoyu still looked like a “little old man” when she was just born. The only thing to be thankful for is that under the constant instruction of Ms. Jiang, Xiaoyu has learned to speak. Although only in a good mental state, Xiaoyu will call “father” and “mother”, but this also makes the physically and mentally exhausted Mrs. Jiang and his wife feel relieved. Because of its special appearance, Xiaoyu has attracted the attention of local media. After hearing about the touching deeds of Ms. Jiang and his wife, the local media invited them to the TV station to encourage some parents with disabled children. < p > < p > in the program, Ms. Jiang introduced the mental process of raising her daughter and the precautions as a novice parent. After the program was broadcast, it moved many parents and attracted some businesses. The boss of a circus came to Ms. Jiang’s house and planned to pay a lot of money to buy Xiaoyu and train him to be a special actor of the circus. Faced with the temptation of heavy money, Ms. Jiang refused without hesitation. “To tell you the truth, the money you give is very exciting,” she told the circus owner. But I will not sell the child to you, because she is a person, but also my daughter The circus owner left in dismay. According to Ms. Jiang, her daughter may face many setbacks and difficulties because of her appearance. But with them around, my daughter has the determination and courage to overcome difficulties. Sell your daughter to a circus and let people play like monkeys. As long as you are an individual, you won’t do such a thing! Although they are not very good, they can also cultivate their daughter into a knowledgeable person. As the saying goes, “thirty years of Hedong, thirty years of Hexi, do not deceive the youth poor!” Pets