Hundreds of schools in Greece have been on strike for more than two weeks, calling on the government to strengthen school epidemic prevention

Beijing, October 9 (Xinhua) students from hundreds of schools in Greece have been on strike for more than two weeks, according to the European Union News Agency reported on the 9th. Students on strike called on the government to take more measures to ensure the safety of schools and students in the new epidemic period. According to the statistics of the Greek Ministry of education, although the number of schools participating in the strike has decreased from about 700 last week to more than 200 at the beginning of this week, however, due to the fact that the authorities and students have not reached a practical consensus, some schools have resumed their strikes from October 5 and 6 after they resume classes on October 5 and 6. According to the report, the Greek Ministry of education has become increasingly tough in dealing with student strikes. In addition to making up classes on holidays in the future, teachers of strike schools have also ordered teachers to carry out online distance teaching, and students who do not participate will be treated as absenteeism. This further caused students’ dissatisfaction and some teachers’ resistance. According to the report, during the epidemic period, the Greek government should take more measures to ensure the safety of schools and students, including reducing the class size from the current maximum of 25 to 15, increasing the number of teachers employed and increasing the number of cleaners. < / P > < p > Greek students plan to hold a demonstration in front of the Ministry of education on the 9th, and olme, the Federation of Greek secondary school teachers, will join in. The teachers’ Union also called for a strike to protest against the authorities’ tough measures. < / P > < p > previously, on October 1, a large number of students had been in the center of Athens, and teachers’ unions and parents’ associations were also included in the team. But shortly before the end of the March, there were demonstrations and police clashes. < / P > < p > the Greek authorities accused the student protests of being incited and said the news that the start of the new school year in Greece has led to a recent surge in new crown patients is “false news”. An official from the Greek Ministry of Education said that after 15 days of school operation, the new crown infection rate among students was about 0.01%, while that of teachers was 0.02%. Only 3% of public schools had more than 26 students in the same class. According to the news released by the Greek Ministry of education on the morning of October 8, 147 schools in Greece have been closed due to the epidemic. 08/17/2020