Huo Qigang’s cousin announced that she was pregnant. She graduated with a doctor’s degree. Her appearance was not inferior to that of a female star. Her family background was very low-key

On September 25, Huo Yongshi, Huo Qigang’s cousin, posted a picture of her pregnant belly on the social platform to announce her pregnancy. In the photo, Huo Yongshi appeared on the side of the camera, dressed in a slim fitting white dress with a big pregnant belly and long hair behind her, which was very gentle and temperament. Huo Yongshi also lovingly called the baby in his stomach as a pumpkin;. Huo Yongshi is Huo Qigang’s cousin, and is often called Guo Jingjing’s sister-in-law. She is also a school bully with high appearance. She has obtained a doctor’s degree in law. She is now engaged in the lawyer industry. Her high education and temperament are not inferior to female stars. As the daughter of Huo Wenbin, the second son of the second wife, Ben has attracted much attention since she was born, but she herself is very low-key. As the cousin of Huo Yongshi, Huo Qigang is also a very outstanding scholar. At the age of 41, he graduated from Oxford University, and now his career is developing very well. Huo Qigang is a real and successful person in everyone’s heart. After he married Guo Jingjing, his family was also very happy. However, Huo Qigang also had a lovely side. Not long ago, because he was jealous, he stood on the street and said that he would call his mother-in-law. His unhappy face was quite different from usual. In addition, Huo Qigang also dotes on children. Not long ago, he took a picture of himself with his daughter, and the article said that he was his ex lover. In the photo, Huo Qigang holds his daughter in his arms, and his wedding ring is also very eye-catching. Although his career is very successful, Huo Qigang’s life is never just about work. He will accompany his family and children as long as he has time. He also attaches great importance to the education of children, which perfectly interprets the image of a good father. Focus