Hyperlipidemia, blood too thick, the body often has four signals, if you can do three points, channels and blood vessels smooth

Hyperlipidemia and abnormal blood flow will lead to the reduction of oxygen and blood delivered to all parts of the body, and then bring a variety of health problems.

when blood lipid is high, blood is thick and blood vessel cavity becomes narrow and hard, atherosclerotic plaque will be formed. With the accumulation of time, plaque will accumulate more and more, and eventually develop into thrombosis. Once the formation of thrombosis will block blood vessels, resulting in blood and oxygen can not be delivered to all parts.

cardiovascular: high blood lipid and thick blood can cause coronary atherosclerosis, affect the blood and oxygen flowing to the heart, and cause the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction and coronary heart disease.

cerebrovascular: high blood fat, blood thick as porridge, cerebral arteriosclerosis, resulting in insufficient blood and oxygen supply to the brain, and then cerebral infarction, brain disease.

in terms of lung and respiratory system, high blood fat and thick blood lead to insufficient blood and oxygen flowing to the lung, which will first cause poor breathing, and then develop into pulmonary embolism.

fatty liver is characterized by high blood fat and thick blood. It is easy for liver cells to accumulate fat, and the lack of blood and oxygen flowing to the liver leads to the decline of liver detoxification and detoxification function, which leads to fatty liver, even hepatitis, cirrhosis and so on.

signal 2. Yellow nodules appear around the eyes, commonly known as eyelid warts; some middle-aged and elderly women have gray rings around the black eyes; they can’t see clearly, and their vision gradually decreases, eventually leading to blindness.

signal 4. Sore feet, unstable walking, spasms and cramps when sleeping. Feet are the farthest place from the heart. Once blood lipid is high and blood is thick, it is easy to cause arteriosclerosis of lower limbs, leading to sore feet and unstable walking.

1. Supplement more quercetin, rutin, linoleic acid, selenium and magnesium trace elements and dietary fiber, can expand and soften blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, decompose fat waste, and then achieve the purpose of reducing blood lipid and diluting blood.

2. The diet is light, drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruits, and coarse grains rich in dietary fiber, eat less animal fat, keep 2500ml of water every day, which has a certain help to regulate high blood fat and improve blood consistency.

3. Keep moving away from sedentary. For people with high blood fat and thick blood, we must keep moving. It can promote blood circulation, help fat decomposition and improve immunity.

in a word, high blood fat leads to “too much blood”. When affecting circulation, the above four signals sent by the body should not be ignored. If the above three points can be done well, it is very beneficial to improve the level of health. 20