If a woman is old, there are more than five ugly women who don’t want to admit it

The aging of the body will make many parts change. To find the ugly state of aging, we should actively fight against aging in a reasonable way. As long as we keep the normal function of organs, the aging speed of the body will also slow down, so as to make health and longevity close. Many people do not pay attention to the changes of their body during aging, which may cause health problems in the process of gradual decline of the function of important organs. < / P > < p > before aging, women will find that facial wrinkles begin to increase. When they are young, their facial skin is basically smooth and delicate, and there are no wrinkles. In the process of aging, fine lines begin to appear, which are not very obvious. However, the body aging to a certain extent, cell water content is reduced, facial skin wrinkles, these wrinkles in the facial expression will be significantly deepened. This special change also shows that the body is in the process of aging. < / P > < p > women’s aging body will find that their walking speed starts to become slow, and even their joints are prone to pain. After the age of 60, people are more likely to stoop and hunch. They can’t keep their waist straight during walking, which will give people a feeling of aging. This situation is mostly related to the lack of calcium acquisition and the acceleration of degenerative changes of joints and bones, which is also a signal of body aging. < / P > < p > during the aging period, most people’s hair will begin to turn white, melanin can no longer be secreted normally as when they were young, and the reduction of melanin secretion will make the original black hair begin to turn white. With the increase of age, the function of hair follicle will decrease, and the hair will fall off after the hair follicle atrophy, which will affect the health of hair. Therefore, I find that my hair can not keep in good condition, but there are more white hair, and the speed of hair shedding is faster, which indicates that the body is no longer young. < / P > < p > as people get older, their facial spots will also increase, which is the ugliness most people will have during aging. Due to the acceleration of skin degeneration and the decrease of metabolism, the accumulation of local melanin will affect skin health. Small spots appear at the beginning. With the development of aging, plaques will also form, which will lead to a lot of color spots on the face. In view of the deterioration of skin condition and the increase of the amount of color spots, we should improve it by anti-aging and skin care. < / P > < p > many people will find special odor in the process of aging, which is related to aging. With the increase of age, the metabolic capacity of the skin is reduced, and the skin is easy to form wrinkles to hide dirt. If it is not cleaned in place, the body will smell bad. Some people are affected by diseases after they get old. They may have special smell. These are the signals of aging. CUISINE&HEALTH