If a woman is over 30, if she can’t pay attention to these points, “yellow faced woman” is looking for you

A lot of women are busy with their work and taking care of their children. They are busy every day. They have no time to rest. The rhythm of daily work is fast. When I go home at night, I have to take care of my baby and do housework < p > < p > yanru, 37, has been having a headache because of this issue recently. Since her second child was born, her life has become more busy. She has just finished her maternity leave, and then she has put herself into her busy work. She never has time to rest on weekends at night. She has been hard-working, but her husband has “alienated” her. She did not know the “truth” until she chatted with her best friend yesterday. < / P > < p > her best friend told yanru that after giving birth to a child, a woman will accelerate her aging, her skin will plummet, and her skin will become dry, rough, dull and loose, with spots and pimples In addition, if you are too busy and don’t pay attention to maintenance, you may get old faster. If you are not careful, you will become a “yellow faced woman” < / P > < p > almost all women don’t want to face the fact that they are getting old, and they want to stay in the skin state of their 20s. We can pay attention to the following points, which can not be avoided directly, but can effectively delay aging < / P > < p > as the saying goes, “women are made of water”. Drinking more water can not only promote metabolism, but also promote the discharge of toxins from the body and skin, so as to make the surface cells of the skin have more water and enhance the skin moisture. Normal adults should supplement at least 1500ml-2500ml of water a day. Pay attention to boiled water here! Milk tea juice bubble water drink too much will accelerate skin aging < / P > < p > the biggest “culprit” of female aging is the accelerated elapse of elastin. Elastin is like a small spring in the skin, maintaining the skin’s firmness, elasticity and tenderness. The elapse is inevitable, but we can supplement it in time to keep the skin in a state of elasticity and tenderness. < / P > < p > the small molecule elastin peptide contained in the se rich liquid peptide is easily absorbed by the human body, and the selenium component contained in the peptide is a super antioxidant, which can repair the damaged cells of the skin, lighten the spots and whiten the skin effectively. < / P > < P > the relationship between mood and endocrine is very close. Maintaining a pleasant mood can accelerate the blood circulation and is conducive to cell metabolism. The secretion of “stress hormone” in the human body is reduced, which is an excellent opportunity for the skin to get better. On the contrary, the mood depression is easy to grow spots and acne, a long time, premature aging phenomenon to avoid. < p > < p > rest is very important, which is why there is a saying “Sleeping Beauty”. When we are in sleep, it is also the process of detoxification of the body. The capillary circulation of the skin increases, the skin regeneration is accelerated, the nutrition needed by the skin is fully replenished, and the skin premature aging is effectively prevented= https://luanban.com/category/focus/ target=_ blank>Focus