If the feet have these three kinds of performance, the liver may have been unable to carry, early adhere to these points early good!

Introduction: the liver is the most easily neglected organ of the human body. Once a problem bothers the whole body, we should first look at our feet. We should choose to soak our feet more every day. Most people seldom pay attention to the problems on our feet. Feet are closely related to our body function. Often soaking our feet can promote the blood circulation of the whole body. Feet are the farthest from our liver, whether it is blood supply or detoxification Is the most humble, when the liver appears all kinds of problems, from the foot can quickly show.

most people are easy to ignore the skin color. They just think that putting on shoes and socks can change the skin color. In fact, it’s not so simple. Because the sole of the foot is as ruddy as the skin color of one’s own body, and sometimes it may be dry, which leads to the damage of human body function and blood circulation, so that the congestion in the body can’t be eliminated normally, which makes the human body feel sick The soles of the feet are yellow. Originally normal feet, suddenly turned yellow, it should be immediately noted.

dry and peeling sole skin can not be improved by wiping some skin care products. It is closely related to your life and your shoes. If you peel for a long time, you should pay attention to this problem immediately. If the liver can’t decompose and metabolize the internal substances of the human body, a series of diseases will appear immediately. If you want to have a healthy liver, you have to work hard on the diet, and the diet regularity and liver problems will be improved.

the liver also plays the role of hematopoiesis and blood system regulation. Although the feet are far away from the liver, they don’t feel numb and crisp, which is probably due to insufficient blood supply from the liver. The excretion of human hormones depends on the cleanliness of the liver. If the liver is intact, it means that you are very healthy. Once the blood is not smooth, it will be seen from your feet. If the feet are dry and numb, they all touch the nervous system of the body. Usually, soak your feet more to promote the blood flow. If you still feel that something is wrong, you need to check immediately.

many people who drink too much will have a heavy burden on the liver, which makes the liver only overload operation. The blood flow of the liver is not smooth and sluggish, which will be shown in the human body. Excessive drinking is not a good thing. It will bring different degrees of damage to various organs of the body, that is, it will damage the liver and kidney. There is a certain limit for the stomach to absorb alcohol. As long as it exceeds this limit, it will make the human body feel particularly uncomfortable and bring great harm to the human body.

overwork can lead to lack of nutrition, loss of appetite and abnormal gastrointestinal movement. Generally, young people think they are young and do not pay attention to their physical condition. In autumn, it’s easy to get cold, cold hands and feet, and it’s also easy to stimulate nerves and memory loss. Being in a sedentary state for a long time will accelerate the metabolism and energy of the human body, which will bring overload burden and repair to the liver.

the bad daily life and eating habits will bring some damage to the liver, and they will not cherish their physical condition and spoil their body. If you want to have a healthy liver, you must get up early and go to bed early, and eat some food to protect and nourish the liver. Don’t neglect the meal time because you are busy with your work. In order to save time, you are eating instant noodles. Eating too much instant noodles is very harmful to your liver.

strengthening exercise every day is beneficial to all organs of the human body, that is, it can enhance immunity and effectively eliminate fat. It is very important to have a good healthy body. No matter where you are, don’t always stay up late. Take more time for exercise. It’s healthy and fashionable. It can also stimulate brain nerves, promote blood circulation, eliminate cold in the body, and has a certain effect on liver recovery.

water is the source of life. Without water, the human body will look very dry and thin. The human body needs a lot of supplementary nutrients. To transport the beneficial substances to the human body completely and absorb the right amount of water is a good way to ensure the blood flow and help the operation of the liver. Once the human body loses water, it will lead to the decline of excretion function. We must drink 8 cups of water every day, which can keep the body water sufficient.

keep yourself cheerful every day. As long as you are in a good mood, your liver disease will recover slowly. Most people are in the stage of work, life pressure, tension, are not conducive to liver health. Keep smiling in front of the mirror every day to relax your body. If unexpected symptoms appear in all organs, it means that your body is sending a signal to you. If you have a healthy body, you still need reasonable nutrition.

the liver is the most sensitive part of the human body, and it is also the most important organ of the human body. Once the liver stops working, all organs begin to age. The liver is extremely important for men. It shoulders a major task, and its work and life are inseparable from it, so we should protect and nourish the liver. According to Li Shizhen’s records, chrysanthemum, cassia seed, dandelion and mulberry leaf have the effects of clearing away heat and toxin, removing toxin precipitation and promoting blood circulation. Drinking these ingredients together will help to improve cardiovascular blood flow and prevent hypertension and other chronic diseases. Common in many old Chinese medicine enthusiastically recommend snacks, the principle of its medicine and food homology is as follows:

dandelion: dandelion is a common medicinal material for clearing liver and improving eyesight, many people through traditional Chinese medicine know its importance, these medicinal materials are rare in nature. High quality, healthy, delicious, convenient, good to drink, it is a necessary medicine for cooling and thirst quenching.

chrysanthemum: chrysanthemum is very noble, and it grows very smart and proud. Although it is not as noble as peony, it is a very good food. It is very effective for Relieving Cardiovascular hypertension. Chrysanthemum is ornamental, can clear throat and remove fire, and is good for dry and itchy throat.

cassia seed: cassia seed is a dual-purpose food approved by the Ministry of health. Its clear liver clear purpose effect is remarkable, but also can promote sleep, so many pillows will be doped with some cassia seed, make people sleep safely.

soaking these ingredients in water together can protect the liver. If you are busy and have less time, the process of purchasing ingredients, making, staying up late and carrying is troublesome and inconvenient, you can choose the finished tea. You can brew it at any time when you are free, which is very convenient.

conclusion: time goes by very fast day by day. Our age is also growing with time. Our health is changing day by day. So after a busy day, we should spend a few minutes exercising all over the body to make the blood more unblocked. Health is raised from the work and rest of life, maintain a good attitude, restore health will be closer to you. After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so