If the puerpera wants to have a natural birth, they should pass the four “threshold”, otherwise both mother and child may be in danger!

In the past, medical treatment was not good. Mothers gave birth and had to give birth naturally. Later there was a caesarean section, and set off a trend, after all, a knife can solve the problem, no one would like to be forced to suffer the pain of natural birth. But over the years, we have come back to our senses, and we are more and more aware of the advantages of natural birth and are reluctant to do caesarean section. < p > < p > friend Liu Na, hard pregnant in October, will soon be due. Liu Na is not fat, but her belly is like a ball. During the pregnancy check-up, the doctor told her that the child was a little older and it was difficult to give birth naturally. She also disagreed with the suggestion of caesarean section. Everyone tried to persuade her, but she just didn’t listen. Results on the day of delivery, the child could not be born, and if it was dragged down, it would be anoxic. Finally, she had a cesarean section. When she went to see her, she looked at me with a pale face: “I regret it!” Fortunately, mother and son are safe, or what is the use of regret? It’s late. “As a matter of fact, she is really only responsible for her own crimes this time. It’s really good to have a natural birth, but if you don’t meet the conditions, you insist on having a natural birth. No doubt, you are making fun of yourself and your children, so that the whole family will pay for the consequences of willfulness. However, the bigger the baby is, the more difficult it will be to give birth. If the mother wants to have a natural birth, it is bound to take a lot of risks. Caesarean section is the safest way. < / P > < p > when the contractions begin, it means that the baby is about to start and the mother should be ready. However, the premise must be that the uterine contraction is normal, and there must be enough contractile force to ensure smooth delivery. < / P > < p > I think when I was a newborn, my contractions were weak, and I didn’t have much pain. Although the pain was like “great aunt”, it was not strong, so I decided to choose caesarean section later. However, the whole process will take a certain time. If the amniotic fluid is insufficient and the quality of amniotic fluid is not good, the baby will be more dangerous. If Baoma has a long labor process, even if she wants to have a smooth labor, she can only accept the fate of “being stabbed”. < / P > < p > in order to have a natural birth, the fetal position must be correct. During the 7-month prenatal examination, the doctor will check the fetal position. At this time, even if it is not correct, there will be time for adjustment. After adjustment, you can continue to choose natural labor. But if at the time of labor, fetal position still has a problem, that can only choose to give up, accept cesarean section. Therefore, the production inspection must be done, so that the problems can be found and solved in time. Once there is something wrong with the fetus or the mother, doctors can find the most effective solution to help correct it. < / P > < p > in the whole pregnancy, there are a lot of things to pay attention to in terms of diet. But it’s absolutely not what you have to eat or what you can’t eat. < / P > < p > many people think that if you are pregnant, you should have a good rest and exercise, which is not suitable for pregnant women and will hurt their children. In fact, on the contrary, if you don’t exercise during the whole pregnancy, your muscles will degenerate and your body will have no strength. When you have a natural birth, it will be more difficult. < / P > < p > whether it is a natural birth or a caesarean section, it is necessary to bring children into this world in a healthy way. Therefore, no matter whether you can meet the conditions of natural labor or not, don’t force yourself to follow the doctor’s instructions and arrangements, keep your mood relaxed and wait for the arrival of the baby. Privacy Policy