If there are 4 “abnormal” on the face, or “pathological changes” of the liver, accounting for one, advise you to check liver CT early

The liver is one of the most important organs of the human body. It can excrete toxins, metabolize and secrete for the human body. Due to taking too much responsibility and exertion, the liver is easy to be “injured”, especially some of our bad habits will often damage the liver. However, liver disease will also appear on the face, remind us to nourish the liver as soon as possible.

the liver is responsible for regulating the hormone level in the human body. When the liver cells are damaged, the liver’s inactivation of estrogen is reduced, and the estrogen imbalance in the body will accumulate in the blood, resulting in telangiectasia and spider nevus.

a normal person’s face is bright and ruddy, emitting health from the inside to the outside. If the liver’s ability of detoxification is not normal, the toxin can not be discharged in time, and the blood circulation in the body is blocked, which will cause siltation on the face and melasma.

if there is a problem with the liver, the chloasma will suddenly become more, the secretion of estrogen will be abnormal, and the melanin will also increase. Some of them will precipitate on the face, and the brown spots will become more and more.

this is because after the abnormal liver cells, the formation of unconjugated bilirubin increases, which leads to the increase of liver burden, and the abnormal increase of unconjugated bilirubin concentration in the blood leads to jaundice.

generally healthy skin is smooth and bloody. If the skin suddenly turns black and does not improve for a long time, you should be careful whether there is liver problem.

when abnormal hepatocytes occur, the liver’s ability of catharsis is decreased, the body’s toxins cannot be discharged normally, melanin increases in the body, and the face appears dark.

and in the long-term pickling process, a large amount of salt will be converted into nitrite, and it will cause human poisoning. After ingestion, nitrosamines will form in the body, which is a strong carcinogen, and the liver is responsible for metabolism, which is easy to cause serious damage to the liver.

the delicious fried chicken, fried string and so on all arouse our taste buds, making people still eat a few mouthfuls, but “the most fragrant food is the most dangerous”, often eating fried food is easy to cause cancer.

and because of the high calorie and a large amount of trans fatty acids, EFA metabolism of essential fatty acids will be blocked during the body’s operation, resulting in abnormal metabolism, aggravating the burden on the liver and causing fatty liver and other diseases.

and tea is the combination of water and nutrients in tea, so when drinking water, drinking jiulvkangqinggan, a good product for nourishing and clearing liver, can effectively promote liver metabolism, help repair damaged liver cells, and is very beneficial to liver health.

jiulvkangqinggan is composed of 7 kinds of liver nourishing materials, which is a traditional Chinese medicine golden prescription for nourishing liver.
now, it will cause depression to the liver, which will affect people’s health.

therefore, when you are in a bad mood, you should find a reasonable way to eliminate it, such as watching movies and listening to music. You should maintain an optimistic attitude towards life, lose your temper and laugh often.

staying up late can’t be overemphasized. Staying up late for a long time and lack of sleep will affect the repair of liver cells, which is not conducive to detoxification and detoxification of the liver. The body will have fatigue, liver fire and other symptoms.

adults should keep 8 hours of sleep time and “fully charged” in time in order to keep energetic every day and get twice the result with half the effort. Luanban