If uric acid is elevated, if there are four abnormal conditions when going to the toilet, it is likely that the uric acid exceeds the standard

Guidance: with the development of the times, the “three high” in people’s mouth has been upgraded to “four high”, which are hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, hypertension and new added hyperuricemia. Uric acid has become the fourth blood item that is most likely to rise in the public hand test list, and even over the years, it has gone beyond the “three high” incidence rate. Hyperuricemia is mainly related to the metabolism and production of purine substances in the body. Long term hyperuricemia may lead to gouty arthritis, and gouty arthritis will form gout stones in joints of the body, which will bring great harm to human health!

uric acid mainly depends on the kidney to exclude the body. If the kidney has problems, it will aggravate a series of symptoms caused by high uric acid. On the contrary, if the concentration of uric acid is too high for a long time, it will aggravate the renal burden, which can lead to gouty nephropathy and affect the health of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

urine is produced by the kidney, so urine will determine whether the kidney function is normal or not. Uric acid is mainly metabolized by the kidney, forming urine and excluding the body. If the concentration of uric acid increases, it will damage the kidney, which will affect the state of urine. The urine of a normal person should be clear and transparent. If the color of urine is dark yellow or thick soup, it indicates that urate crystals may have been deposited in the kidney. In addition, the increase of uric acid will also lead to metabolic problems in the body, resulting in the increase of harmful substances in the body, thus deepening the color of urine.

because urate accumulates in the kidney, resulting in the decline of renal function, there will be a series of abnormal urination, including changes in the frequency of urination. If there is abnormal urination, it means that the kidney has already been damaged, and the abnormal urination frequency will appear only when the injury is further aggravated.

if the uric acid content in the blood exceeds the standard, it will first lead to uric acid salt deposition in the joints, forming acute gouty arthritis, and then it will be deposited in the kidney. A large amount of uric acid salt will reach the bladder through the filtration effect of the kidney, which may block the urethra and cause the feeling that urine is not smooth and can not come out. If uric acid crystal is blocked in the renal pelvis, the renal tubules will cause anuria, and then lead to acute renal failure.

normal voiding will cause some big bubbles due to the decrease of surface tension, which will disappear after a while. This is a normal phenomenon. But if micturition produces a lot of small, dense foam, and it can not disappear for a period of time, it may cause proteinuria. Because uric acid is high, the burden of kidneys is aggravated, and the kidneys have problems. At this time, active treatment should be taken to relieve the burden of the kidneys as soon as possible.

bean products, seafood, mushrooms and broth should be strictly prohibited because their purine content is too high. If eaten by people with high uric acid, it will cause a sharp rise in uric acid levels in the body, increase the burden on the kidney and cause gouty arthritis.

uric acid is water-soluble. Uric acid is mainly dissolved in water to excrete, so a large amount of drinking water will accelerate the excretion of uric acid. If you add some ingredients to reduce uric acid, the effect will be more obvious. According to Li Shizhen, chicory, Pueraria lobata, lily, Gardenia jasminoides and mulberry leaves have the effect of reducing uric acid. If they are carefully combined, the effect will be good.

the process of making tea will be very troublesome. In this busy society, many people may not have time to make tea. At this time, you can choose a tea bag. When you want to drink it, you can take it out and brew it with boiling water. It only takes a few minutes to drink a cup of acid reducing tea.

summary: high uric acid is harmful to human health, and the complications caused by long-term high uric acid are unbearable. I hope you can solve the problems as soon as possible and live a healthy life every day! BEAUTY&SKIN CARE