If you already have these four conditions, don’t be careless, or “liver blood deficiency”

If you want to keep the liver healthy, you need to pay attention to good living habits. Many people have obvious manifestations of liver blood deficiency, liver blood deficiency and blood loss, liver loss of care, there will be a variety of adverse symptoms in the development process. Therefore, it is found that the performance of liver blood deficiency should be improved in a reasonable way, the physiological function of liver can be brought into play, and the blood can be provided to the parts needed by the body in time, so that the health can be guaranteed. Many people find that the body is abnormal, but they don’t adjust it in time, which will affect the function of important organs and threaten their health. < / P > < p > liver blood deficiency needs to be taken seriously, many people’s physiological function of the liver can not play and liver blood deficiency, liver nutrition deficiency in the case of liver blood deficiency, there will be insomnia and dreaminess, night sleep quality significantly reduced, and liver injury. < / P > < p > under the influence of liver blood deficiency, nerve function will also be damaged, the body’s ability to excrete toxins will be reduced, the important detoxification time at night will not work normally, the sleep quality will be reduced, and the performance of insomnia and dreaminess will be obvious. In this case, we need to be vigilant against liver blood deficiency. < / P > < p > the eyes with insufficient liver blood will be different, because people’s eyes are closely related to the liver. People with insufficient liver blood have dry eyes, high probability of pain, and will obviously feel uncomfortable in their eyes. They may still feel uncomfortable after using eye drops. This situation is related to the lack of nutrients in the eyes. When the liver blood is insufficient, the liver function will be reduced, and the nutrition can not be provided to the eyes in time. Usually, there will be obvious fatigue and aggravation of dryness. We should adjust the body in time to keep the liver blood vigorous. < / P > < p > the face of people with liver blood deficiency will become worse, and their face will be pale, which is caused by liver blood deficiency. The liver maintains good physiological function, and has the effect of hematopoiesis and blood storage. For those with insufficient liver blood, the blood circulation of other parts of the body will be blocked, and the blood and nutrients cannot be provided to the parts of the body in time. Usually, the warning will be issued through the skin state of the face. < / P > < p > I find that my face is getting worse and I can’t keep my face ruddy and glossy, which also indicates that the liver is lack of blood and needs nutritional support to keep the liver healthy. < / P > < p > liver blood deficiency can also lead to diseases. Many people who are affected by liver blood deficiency for a long time will have dizziness, dizziness all day, fatigue and fatigue, and even become blurred when looking at things. All these situations need to be vigilant against liver blood deficiency. < / P > < p > keep the liver healthy, the liver blood supply is sufficient, the blood circulation of other parts of the body is good, the digestive function is enhanced, the nutrients can also be provided in time, the important brain tissues and nerves need sufficient nutrition, which will keep the mind clear and the body energetic. Those who are often dizzy are likely to be affected by liver blood deficiency, and need to be recuperated to maintain a healthy state. Focus