If you can’t quit smoking, you should hold back for 3 times when your lung is weak. The lung will thank you

Smoking has become more and more common. Even if smoking is harmful to health, it is just a slogan for many smokers. It is not easy to quit smoking. Many smokers, smoking for years, have formed a habit, and even become addicted to smoking, as long as one day does not smoke, this heart is like thousands of ants crawling again, very uncomfortable. < / P > < p > but someone also smokes a lot, how can his health be ok? In fact, at different times, the lungs can withstand different external shocks. If you can resist smoking for three times when the lung is relatively weak, it will be even if you can’t stop smoking. First, don’t smoke after getting up in the morning. After a whole night’s sleep, the blood circulation in the body is still relatively slow, and there is no much water supplement, and the blood will become viscous. At this time, a cigarette will immediately wake up because of the stimulation of nerves, but the blood vessels and lungs can suffer. < / P > < p > harmful substances after tobacco burning will make the blood more viscous and affect blood circulation. If blood cannot flow into the lungs as soon as possible, it will lead to abnormal gas exchange in the lungs. The smoke can not be filtered and purified, and harmful substances inside will accumulate in the lungs and form damage. A cigarette after getting up often only increases the incidence rate of lung cancer and induces cardiovascular disease. After getting up, should first replenish water, promote the blood circulation of the body. The second time is not to smoke after meals. Many people will like a cigarette after dinner, always feel that it is a sense of ceremony. But tell you, after eating, the body’s blood will supply more people’s intestines and stomach, promote digestion, in this period of time, lung function is in a relatively low state, can withstand the erosion of cigarettes is relatively weak. < / P > < p > smoking after meals, because of the accelerated blood circulation, more harmful substances will not only accumulate in the lungs, but also penetrate into the blood and flow to other parts of the body. The lung can’t reduce the harm of harmful substances, and it can’t prevent it from flowing away. In the long run, the harm to the body will only be greater. If you really can’t quit smoking completely, at least after eating, don’t smoke. The third time point is not to smoke before going to bed. Even after sleep, a lot of people would like to smoke before they sleep. However, do smokers feel that they are sleeping after smoking, and they often feel that they are not breathing freely and their chest is stuffy and short of breath. Smoking will make the blood become sticky, so when sleeping, people do not move their limbs, there is no external force to promote blood circulation. < / P > < p > at this time, the blood circulation is completely driven by the power of blood vessels and heart. Smoking before bedtime makes the blood more viscous and needs more blood circulation power, which will increase the load on the heart and make sleep uneasy. Moreover, the blood supplied to the lungs will be reduced and the respiratory function will be weakened. Not only in the body will damage the lungs, but also in sleep restlessness. < / P > < p > most of the time, smoking at different times will bring different harm to the body. In order to keep healthy and avoid lung cancer, the best way is to quit smoking and completely isolate the danger. < / P > < p > if you want to stop smoking, don’t smoke for at least three times, and the lung will appreciate you. Paying attention to the interval of smoking and the amount of smoking can also reduce lung injury. Focus