If you don’t have a good lung, it means the lung is not bad

The lung is an organ that exchanges gas with the outside world, and it is the place where we breathe oxygen. People with vital signs breathe all the time, and breathing requires the participation of important organs. Also because of this, if the lung function drops, may appear the breath is not smooth, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, so usually pay attention to the protection of the lung. Many people live for a long time in serious environmental pollution, coupled with their own bad habit of smoking, are invisible damage to the lungs. When severe lung diseases come, all kinds of adverse symptoms will be obvious. Some people also say that lung function will decline, and hands will have special changes. < / P > < p > lung lesions, hands do have special changes, especially those with hypertrophic fingers, may be caused by serious lung disease. The incidence rate of lung cancer is high, and the degree of damage is high. If the treatment is not timely, the patient will die. < / P > < p > in the course of the disease, the tumor volume increases, which will lead to tracheal compression. In severe cases, pleural effusion and airway blockage make the body in a state of ischemia and hypoxia. Tissue hypoxia is obvious, and the surrounding tissue at the end of the finger will be abnormally thickened, resulting in hyperplasia and hypertrophy of the end of the finger. If you have the characteristics of both hands, it may also be a serious lung cancer threat to health, through timely treatment to control the development of the disease. < / P > < p > when many people have finger pain, they will simply think that it is caused by joint lesions. In fact, lung cancer can also lead to finger pain in patients. Because local cancer cells will continue to proliferate when they develop, and even there will be metastasis and spread of cancer cells. If lung cancer is not controlled, cancer cells will be transferred through bone, and the bones of fingers will also be invaded. < / P > < p > in addition, there will be white squamous lesions on the skin, which are caused by lung cancer. Sometimes, when the disease is serious, the fingers will feel inexplicable pain when the disease develops to the late stage. Of course, it is not the tissue or joint lesions of the fingers that need to be suspected of lung cancer and should be treated and judged reasonably. < / P > < p > some people suffer from lung diseases, and their fingers tend to swell when they are not treated in time. Because the lung function may also affect the heart function, the body’s blood circulation can not be maintained well, after the impact of venous reflux is not smooth, fingers are prone to edema. < p > < p > if the lung disease can be actively treated, and at the same time avoid the damage of heart function, it can improve the phenomenon of finger swelling. Many people do not control lung infection, heart blood supply is insufficient, finger swelling will be obvious in the process of functional decline, which is also a special change of some people suffering from lung disease. < / P > < p > in a word, the lung function is decreased, and the hands do send signals. It is better to check them in time if they have the above manifestations. In addition, inexplicably feel hoarseness, chest pain or cough often, all suggest that serious lung disease is coming. Only by actively cooperating with treatment can we prevent the disease from developing continuously. 08/17/2020