If you don’t want to be a yellow faced woman, you can get rid of it now

Don’t misunderstand here! The Yellow faced woman mentioned by Shilu here does not mean the young ladies and sisters who have entered the palace of marriage! The little sister of a family is just a mature little sister. It’s more beautiful and more fireworks! I’m talking about a little sister with a dark yellow complexion. Her complexion is dim and yellowish. It’s not so good-looking. Can’t I do anything about it? Can only see their day by day yellow? I’ll take you to dispel yellow today. Now, let’s say goodbye to yellow face!

aging is an important cause of facial yellowing. When the skin is aging, the sensitive facial skin will react first. Aging of the skin will lead to the decline of the regulation function of the stratum corneum. Therefore, the cuticle will be accelerated to oxidize, causing the face to lose luster. The water storage function of the skin will also be weakened with aging, so the face will be waxy yellow.

after blindly over skincare, the skin burden will be increased. The ingredients of skin care products that can not be discharged in time will remain in the skin, resulting in yellowing of skin color. Therefore, this is why the general methods of eliminating yellow will recommend strengthening the metabolic capacity of the skin, which is to metabolize the substances remaining in the skin.

most people have the habit of going to bed late. In fact, this is a very bad living habit. If you work and rest for a long time, it will lead to the accumulation of toxins in the liver and abnormal hormone secretion in the body. At this time, the color of the face will be absolutely dim.

it’s really important to clean your face every day, because there are a lot of impurities that can easily enter the pores. If the cleaning is not thorough enough, it will cause the pigmentation of the skin. After a long time, the skin will naturally turn yellow.

anti-aging is the first step to be done. You can buy the cream of anti-aging and save facial collagen. It should be noted that aging can be prevented. 20+’s young ladies should use anti aging essence so that you can stay away from Huang’s face. Functional skin care products, land collection will recommend you use essence, because essence is a relatively small molecule skin care products, can better enter the deep muscle bottom. Here, Lu Lu recommended that the essence of anti aging and compactness containing astaxanthin is recommended. It can resist aging as well as whitening, anti-inflammatory and stabilizing the acne muscles. The most important cost-effective is relatively high.

one of the reasons for yellowing is the residue of skin care products. In fact, this is that the metabolism of the skin itself is too weak and needs external intervention and repair. It is recommended that the essence of spongy microneedles be recommended. The spicule structure of spongy microneedles can penetrate into the stratum corneum and epidermis, activate the epidermis skin microcirculation, and let the aged cuticles peel off naturally, so as to achieve a natural, safe and effective physical skin. Activate the metabolism of the skin, let the skin recover its self-cleaning ability, so that the residual ingredients in the skin can be discharged. After the residual ingredients are discharged, the skin will gradually return to its natural color, and the “yellow face” will naturally become “white, rich and beautiful”!

a reasonable work and rest time is a must. Sleep time is the best state for our skin to rest and the fastest metabolism stage. If you keep your skin working when it’s time to go to bed and the skin should be metabolized, it will lead to metabolic system disorder, that is, endocrine disorder. At this time, it may not only be dark and yellow, but also have acne, acne and other skin problems. At the same time, we should also drink more water, so that the metabolic function of the body can better make the body work, so that the body is in a better state of health. “Eight glasses of water” every day can keep the skin energetic enough to make the skin firm, firm and moist, and make the whole person look radiant.

most women will suffer from anemia, which may lead to dark yellow and dull complexion. Therefore, according to anemia, girls are advised to eat more iron containing foods, such as Auricularia auricula, laver, Nostoc flagelliforme, shepherd’s purse, black sesame, lotus root powder and so on. At the same time, they can also eat some blood enriching foods, such as animal liver, red dates, lean meat, longan, Dang Return.

this article is the Savior of “yellow faced woman”. Please collect and pay attention to it if you need it! It’s now that you pay attention to picking up and changing your skin condition. Miss, if you have any other skin problems, you can leave a comment in the comment area or send a private message! Cai Shaofen stopped pregnancy for the first time. The 4 indexes on the B-ultrasound sheet in the early pregnancy were used to see whether the fetal development was good or not