“If you have a baby, your dignity will be gone,” she recalled. Taking off her pants is just an appetizer

It is not easy for a woman to get pregnant and give birth to a child. Not only do they have to endure physical pain, but also there are a lot of moments of lack of dignity, which embarrasses the lying in women.

Xiao Lian wakes up from her sleep in the middle of the night with contractions and pains. After feeling the signs of labor, her husband takes Xiaolian to the hospital by taxi. As a result, after rushing to the hospital, Xiaolian is crying and crying, and her husband is also looking at heartache. After the doctor’s examination, he said, “what a fuss, this hasn’t been opened yet. Wait slowly.”

the husband had to take Xiaolian to the waiting room. Unexpectedly, in the early hours of the morning, the parturient and family members waiting for childbirth, like Xiaolian, filled the waiting room. There was only a curtain between each lying in woman.

after a long wait, a male doctor came to check the opening of her fingers. She pulled the curtain and let Xiaolian take off her pants, which made Xiaolian’s pain on the bed suddenly numb.

the male doctor said mercilessly, “if you want to have a baby, please hurry up. There are so many people waiting. Don’t waste time.” Xiaolian had to wriggle and take off her pants for the doctor to check. The doctor would come back for a check every other moment, and the curtain would be covered casually. She didn’t know if she would be seen by others.

during the whole process of waiting for labor, Xiaolian not only had to endure the pain of contractions and opening her fingers, but also had to take off her pants in front of the male doctor. She also had to worry about whether she would be seen by others and felt very shameful.

However, according to Xiaolian’s production experience, there are still many things that can’t be tolerated in the future. Taking off her pants is just an “appetizer”. After giving birth to a child, she feels that she has lost her dignity.

after a pregnant woman feels the signs of labor, she can’t go directly to the delivery room to give birth. The doctor will carry out prenatal examination, which is also called internal examination. This examination is used to check the opening of the uterine mouth of the pregnant woman, determine the position of the fetal head to what position, to determine whether the maternal conforms to the production conditions. During the period of labor, doctors usually check the opening of the finger every two hours, about four times.

during this examination, the doctor will directly touch the private parts of the pregnant woman, and will be restricted by the conditions. At this time, the pregnant woman will feel embarrassed. If you meet a male doctor again, it will make the maternal more disrespectful.

after prenatal check-up, a series of production preparations should be carried out after the puerpera meets the production requirements. Among them, shaving is an important process, also known as skin preparation, to create a clean and safe surgical environment.

in the production process, it is necessary to contact the parts of maternal hair, so doctors will prepare and handle the work before delivery, including the private parts of pregnant women.

although a woman knows that she has to listen to the doctor’s command when she goes to bed, a stranger, even a professional doctor, touches and cleans her private parts on the spot, which will make her feel lost of dignity.

Nowadays, there are more and more male obstetricians. In fact, regardless of gender, doctors have their own professional quality. The task of the delivery room is to help mothers give birth to children smoothly.

but when a male doctor delivers a baby, it is equivalent to exposing all her privacy to a strange man, which will definitely lead to rejection and shyness.

when a pregnant woman chooses to have a natural birth, she needs to try her best to “squeeze” the child out of her lower body. If she is not careful, she will have incontinence.

as medical staff, although such scenes are common, it is still very shameful for “naked” mothers to solve “physiological problems” during delivery.

giving birth to a baby seems like a “ghost gate” for a lying in woman. Because of the pain, the whole process of natural labor is hoarse and requires a lot of energy, and the body will become extremely weak.

after the birth, the lying in woman is sweating profusely, her clothes are in a mess, and she has no image to speak of. Many mothers will feel no dignity, afraid to let loved ones and outsiders see their ugly side. CUISINE&HEALTH