If you have second liver, may ask: can liver cirrhosis “reverse”? Listen to the doctor!

Liver cirrhosis, including hepatitis B and hepatitis C, is one of the bad outcomes after repeated liver injury. Liver cirrhosis develops gradually from liver fibrosis. < / P > < p > a patient with liver cirrhosis is identified. If he uses a small piece of his liver tissue to make an extremely thin section and observe under a microscope, the pathologist will find that the liver of the patient with liver cirrhosis will show diffuse fibrosis and the formation of regenerative nodules. Therefore, liver fibrosis is not equivalent to cirrhosis. However, the further development of liver fibrosis changes the liver structure, especially the distribution of blood vessels in the liver. Finally, the hardened liver will shrink, the texture is dense and the elasticity is weakened. In developed countries, that is, western countries, liver cirrhosis is mainly alcoholic cirrhosis, nonalcoholic cirrhosis and hepatitis C cirrhosis; in developing countries, the main causes of liver cirrhosis are hepatitis B and hepatitis C. However, with the development of economy and the change of life style, the liver cirrhosis caused by alcoholic liver disease and autoimmune liver disease in developing countries is also increasing. < / P > < p > whether liver cirrhosis can be reversed through treatment, the causes listed above are to let everyone know that the primary principle of liver cirrhosis treatment is to remove these causes, such as antiviral treatment of hepatitis B and hepatitis C, and to control the virus replication at a minimum level. < / P > < p > secondly, we should make some lifestyle changes, such as weight control, weight loss, more exercise, less alcohol consumption, treatment of autoimmune liver disease, avoid taking drugs that damage the liver, etc. < / P > < p > after the etiology is removed, what degree can liver cirrhosis turn to after treatment, or whether it can be reversed to the original state. It also depends on how long the cause of liver cirrhosis is and whether there are multiple liver damage factors accumulated. < / P > < p > another determinant is the two important pathological features of liver cirrhosis, that is, the proportion of liver fibrosis and regenerative nodules, or which is the main one. < / P > < p > if the arrangement of the cells in the liver is like a wall, the hepatocytes are bricks and the extracellular matrix tissue is cement. Normal liver, their arrangement is regular, fibrotic cement more, it seems not so regular. < / P > < p > if in the early stage of liver cirrhosis, liver fibrosis is the main and liver regeneration nodules are few. After active treatment, with the gradual absorption of liver fibrosis in liver cirrhosis, no new nodules will be formed. Then, the liver cirrhosis in this period can be largely reversed. < / P > < p > of course, it is impossible to reverse to the initial state. Everything has wear and tear, just like a well protected mobile phone, there will be traces of use. However, if the liver of cirrhotic cirrhosis has been established, there are a large number of regenerative nodules formed, the vascular distribution has been completely changed, and portal hypertension is accompanied, the best result of treatment at this time can only be to maintain the status quo and not further develop various complications. Whether cirrhosis is reversed or not depends on the duration of cirrhosis. The proportion of cirrhotic and regenerative nodules and portal hypertension were found at the time of cirrhosis. Early cirrhosis is expected to be reversed, but this reversal is not 100% return to the initial state. < / P > < p > human liver is not a mobile phone, it can be restored to the factory state and then come back again. Even for mobile phones, the life of the battery cannot be changed. Therefore, in the disease must not have obsessive-compulsive thinking, must achieve their desired goals, such words may be more disappointed. < p > < p > active antiviral therapy. In the process of antiviral treatment, monitoring whether to achieve the best antiviral treatment effect. It is recommended that people who have been treated with antiviral therapy for more than one year should check for highly sensitive viral DNA or RNA. The synergistic development factors of liver cirrhosis were reduced. For example, do not smoke, do not drink, do not stay up late, do not fatigue, do not eat drugs, control diet, weight loss, treatment of diabetes and other basic diseases. To maintain a good state of mind, we should have the idea of “if we get what we have”, we should accept our own state of illness and be optimistic about the future. Finally, we should not give all kinds of “miracle doctors” any opportunity to entrap people. Those who claim to be able to cure hepatitis B and liver cirrhosis are nothing but admiring your wallet. < / P > < p > I am a clinician who loves science popularization. I can see a doctor, consult, answer questions, solve doubts, and popularize medical knowledge. In my hasty clinical work, I can feel the power of warm words! Privacy Policy