If you often stink in these three places, you can’t be careless. It’s probably liver damage

Mr. Zhu is 40 years old. His career is on the rise. He has a lot of work pressure and lots of social activities. Although he sometimes feels a little uncomfortable, he thinks that it is caused by overwork, so he doesn’t pay attention to it.

a while ago, Mr. and Mrs. Zhu said that he often smelled and wanted to take a bath frequently. Unexpectedly, after several days of continuous washing, his body became more and more smelly, and his urine also smelled.

Mr. Zhu’s wife was worried about him, so she persuaded him to go to the hospital for an examination. After the examination, Mr. Zhu was diagnosed with liver problems, which surprised his relatives and friends.

at the beginning of his work, Mr. Zhu was under great pressure. He always relied on smoking to refresh himself. He also had to drink some alcohol during social intercourse. He became addicted to alcohol and smoking for a long time. He did not know that smoking and drinking hurt the liver most. He stimulated liver cells all the year round and reduced the ability of detoxification and metabolism of the liver, causing liver damage and causing liver health problems. It’s very common for people to have a bad smell after taking a bath, especially when they are drunk If we don’t improve, we suggest that we go to find out the reasons.

However, the liver is often injured. When the liver is injured, it is not quiet. You can find clues on your body, especially when there is 3 odors, you need to check the liver immediately.

our liver is like a computer. When it is overloaded, it will also “heat” and run slowly. Because the liver is a big organ in our body, it is easy to transfer heat to other parts of the body.

you should be careful when you have a bad smell on your body recently, which is very obvious on your clothes and can even spread all over your body. It could be a liver problem. Because the liver damage, can not timely excrete toxins in the body, may be excreted by sweating, so that sweat has a bad smell.

if it’s from the skin, there may be a bad smell on the body. This situation is still obvious after taking a bath. We suggest that we should go to the hospital to find out the reason.

this kind of situation is more common in halitosis. Some people may think that halitosis is a very normal phenomenon. For example, after eating green onion and garlic, halitosis occurs because it contains odor components. To deal with these situations, it is a good practice to brush teeth and gargle every day as long as we maintain oral hygiene reasonably.

in this case, we need to check in time. There may be abnormalities in the liver. After the liver is seriously obstructed, it flows back to the mouth, which is very likely to cause bad breath and induce bad breath.

it is normal to have a bad smell in the mouth after waking up in the morning, but it still can’t be relieved after brushing teeth. It is necessary to be alert to liver problems. Abnormal liver metabolism is the cause of halitosis.

in addition, due to the dry weather in autumn, the group is vulnerable to the influence of autumn dryness, which damages the liver health. If you have insomnia, loss of appetite, uncontrollable emotion, and get angry recently, you should also consider the hyperactivity of liver fire and adjust it in time.

under normal conditions, the urine is light yellow or transparent and has no peculiar smell. There is another situation that we need to pay attention to is that in traditional Chinese medicine, urine can also reflect people’s health to a certain extent.

if the color of urine turns yellow, accompanied by a foul smell and a deep yellow color, it may be a liver problem. The more yellow the urine color and odor, the more serious the liver damage.

staying up late, playing games for a long time and playing mahjong continuously are all bad habits that damage the liver in daily life. To regulate the liver, we must work and rest on time, go to bed early and get up early.

according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, “lying down leads to the return of blood to the liver”. When we lie down, the liver can get blood nourishment and rest, which is a very important point of nourishing the liver and blood. Liver meridian corresponds to 1:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m., which is ugly time. At this time, if you are sleeping, it is the best supplement to the liver, which can make the liver get Qi, blood and energy, and fully detoxify.

due to excessive drinking, Mr. Zhu usually tries to replace wine with tea to protect his health. At the same time, he can also promote communication. When he drinks tea, he can add some tea which is good for nourishing liver, which helps to promote liver detoxification and protect liver health.

research found that rice contains all seven kinds of amino acids, and eating two bowls a day can absorb the minimum amount that can maintain liver function. Wheat is lack of two essential amino acids, so rice as the staple food will be more conducive to liver health.

if you belong to the group with strong liver fire, take a little honeysuckle to get rid of the fire. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that honeysuckle can clear away heat and detoxify, which can help us suppress liver fire and relieve liver pressure. Focus